Florancia 'Flo' Gumpigacess is the main protagonist of Florancia and its upcoming animated remake. She is portrayed by Emma Watson. In the animated remake she will be voiced by Kristen Bell.


Florancia has dark brown hair, with very pale skin and a dusting of freckles on her arms and face. Her hair is styled in a flip-style ponytail which goes as far as her knees. A thick, curly strand of hair rests on her shoulder. Florancia wore a pink and lilac dress with no sleeves for most of the film, but when she sleeps she wears a white full body pyjama top and shorts that exposes very little skin at the top. Her wedding dress is white with pink, lilac and red highlights. Florancia never wears shoes except on her wedding day, where she wears lilac flats. When she goes for a jog she wears a lilac sleeveless hoodie. Florancia's hoodie is worn with a pink skirt and white tights.

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