Quotes and Lines spoken by Flower from the classic film Bambi.



  • Me?
  • Oh, that's all right. He can call me a flower if he wants to. [looks up briefly, then chuckles] I don't mind.
  • Oh... [he laughs] Gosh.
  • [yawns] Uh-huh.
  • [chuckles] All us Flowers sleep in the winter. Well, good night.
  • Gee whiz!
  • Me neither.

Bambi II

  • Gosh, I hope the groundhog sees his shadow... [yawns] so I can get back to hibernating.
  • I think he's got a hairball.
  • I'm a turtle. Rrrr! [pause] What? Turtles are so scary.
  • What's "twitterpated"?
  • [after a turtle bites Ronno on the nose and won't let go] See? I told you turtles were scary.

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