Relationships of Floyd Pig.



Floyd and Tara

Floyd and Tara in the Pilot

Tara is Floyd's best friend.

In the pilot, Floyd treated Tara with kindness, even though the latter was angry and annoyed with him. He allowed her to stay a night and decide whether she wanted to leave or go. He also listened to her when she tells how her parents died in front of her and sympathized her when she was crying. After traitorous Willy was defeated, he allowed her to stay. Floyd is really sweet to Tara, and his kindness started her crush on him.

Since then, he appreciates Tara's support for him and it may be hinted that he has feelings for her, though this remains unknown.


Felix is one of Floyd's friends. He appreciates Felix's helpfulness, though sometimes gets tired of his perfectionism.


Flip is Floyd's friend. Though, they don't interact much, Flip helps out his piggy friend much.


Before Tara came, Wally was Floyd's closest friend. They acted like brothers, though they were not blood-related. The show's creator explains that when Floyd was transferred from his pig farm to Windy Hills, he and Wally grew up together.


Floyd thinks Pippi is a sweetheart and a cutie. He sometimes treats Pippi like his own daughter, and the two get along well.


Despite Fido's absentminded activities, Floyd can tolerate his mistakes and stay friends with him.


Mustard was the horse that raised Floyd since he was seven weeks old. Along with Wally, he taught Floyd and loved him like a son. Floyd even thinks of him as a father.


Floyd and Atlas are friends.

Love Interest(s)


Floyd and Marina

Like Felix, Flip, Wally, Fido, and Atlas; Floyd is in love with Marina. Every time she's around, he feels awkward, nervous, or even stupid. Yet, sometimes he is willing to keep himself together when he is in charge. Marina sometimes rejects his feelings, but sometimes rewards him with a kiss on the cheek if he makes smart decisions.


Willy the Wolf

At first, Willy was Floyd's friend in the pilot. However, Willy's goodness was waned when Tara came to the farm. He detested the fact that a lizard is part of the farm and wanted to eat the farm animals instead and had the bull work for him. Floyd was broken and furious at Willy and chased him out of the farm with Tornado.


Floyd is terrified of the psycho bull that worked for Willy the Wolf. Yet, he stands up to him through various situations where Tornado threatens his friends.

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