Chapter 1: A Boy and his Dog

Victor Frankenstein was setting up his movie projector for his family. On the screen there was a title card. It read; Monsters from Beyond! 

"Victor," Mrs. Frankenstein began, "it's out of focus." 

"Mom," Victor said, holding up a pair of 3-D glasses, "you have to wear the glasses!"

"It's 3-D, honey!" Mr. Frankenstein explained.

Mrs. Frankenstein looked next to her. There were a pair of glasses on the couch. She put them on. The title card disappeared and a new sign read; Starring Sparky!

"Oh, that's better!" Mrs. Franknstein said. She looked at the screen. "So that's where my candlestick went!"

Mr. Frankenstein looked at the screen too. 

"Isn't that your grandmother's tablecloth?" Mr. Frankenstein asked Victor.

Victor walked over to the couch. 

"Yeah," Victor replied as he took his place next to a black and white Bull Terrier.

That was Sparky, Victor's very best friend.  

Victor got Sparky as a birthday present when he was seven. His parents took him to an animal shelter called Angel Pets. Victor saw Sparky in a cage at the back of the room. The dog's back faced Victor and his parents, until he heard voices and he turned around to face the boy. And from then on, Sparky was Victor's very best friend. As they watched the movie, Sparky came onto the screen. He was dressed as a dinosaur/Bull Terrier hybrid called the Sparkysaurus.

"Sparky, that's you!" Mr. Frankenstein cried.

"Arf!" Sparky replied.
Frankenweenie 5-1

They watched as Sparky attacked a flying preyodactle. Suddenly, to Victor's horror, at the end of the movie the one of the film that was rolling in the projecter came loose and jammed! Victor lept to his feet to his projector and stopped the film. Sparky went to unplug the cord from the wall. Victor's parents clapped their hands.

"Big fininsh!" Mr. Frankenstein said, "well done, Victor!"

"It certainly was exciting!" Mrs. Frankenstein added.

Victor picked up the broken  projector.

"I can fix this!" Victor said, stubbornly. He turned to his dog. "C'mon boy!"

Victor and Sparky headed up to the attic. On the way, Sparky made a quick stop to go into Victor's room. In a short while, he reappeared holding a small, blue striped dog plush. Then he ran after Victor. Mr. Frankenstein watched Victor head upstairs to his makeshift attic laboratory. A concerend look spread across his face.

"All that time he spends up there," Mr. Frankenstein complained to his wife, "a boy his age needs to be out with his friends."

"I don't think Victor has any friends," Mrs. Frankenstein pointed out, "other than Sparky."

"That's my point!" Mr. Frankenstein replied, "we don't want him to turn out, y'know, weird!" 

"There's nothing wrong with Victor!" Mrs. Frankenstein cried, "he's..just in his own world!"

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