in Theaters November 22, 2015

  • Andrew Shapiro as Toulouse the Kitten
  • Alex Shapiro as Boo-Boo Lightbear
  • Paul Brickin as Mr. Parrot Head/Wilbur the Pig/Mr. Waternoose/Mr. Fox/Bruce the Shark
  • Jonathan Brickin as Slinky Hounddog/The Sneetches/The Cat in the Hat/Humbug
  • Roma Gonthmaker as Aladar the Dinosaur
  • Rebecca Shapiro as Bo Marie
  • George Azouz as Pete Davis
  • Irina Shapiro as Nora Davis
  • Vered Gonthmaker as Baby Jane Davis
  • Yuseth as Willie Goan
  • Monica as Lena Gogan
  • Napoleon the Dog
  • Lightling McQueen the Car
  • Pluto
  • Bruce the Shark
  • Kaa the Snake
  • WALL-E the Robot
  • Little Toot the Tugbat
  • Buck the Horse
  • Bongo and Lullubelle the Love Two Bears
  • Sasha the Bird, Sonia the Duck and Ivan the Cat
  • Sulley and Mike the Two Monsters
  • Brer Rabbit
  • Zoo Animals (Polar Bear, Lion, Hippopotamus, Flamingo, Zebra, Boa Constrictor, Elephant, Leopard, Peacock and Walrus)
  • Roo, Piglet and Kessie
  • The Nutcracker
  • Duchess the Cat
  • Brer Fox
  • Eeyore the Donkey
  • Kanga the Kangaroo
  • Reptar the Dinosaur
  • Tantor the Elephant
  • Quick Draw McGraw the Horse
  • Robin Hood the Fox
  • Donald Duck 
  • Rafiki the Baboon
  • Mr. Krabs the Crab
  • Roquefort the Mouse
  • The Backson
  • Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-Ling Wolf
  • Sally

Music by Jeff Fatt

Directed by Andrew Shapiro

Produced by Alex and Rebecca Shapiro

Screenplay by Andrew, Irina, Alex and Rebecca Shapiro

Studio: Pixar


"You've Got a Friend in Me" - Jeff Fatt

"Strange Things" - Jeff Fatt

"I Will Go Sailing No More" - Jeff Fatt

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