Background information
Feature films
Television programs League of Dwarfs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Michael Adamthwaithe
International Voice
Performance model
Designer StormieCreater
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names G-get (Chet)

Daddy (Ella)

Personality Kind, intelligent, clever, sweet, fatherly, a bit messy, disorganized, outgoing, friendly, helpful, laid-back, inventive, purpose-driven, compassinate
Appearance Slender dwarf, pale skin, Light brown hair, dark blue eyes, teal-grey stocking cap and long sleeve, dark brown overalls, Caramel boots with orange soles, dirt smudge on his right cheek
Age Late twenties
Occupation Village mechanic, Ella's adoptive father
Alignment Good
Goal To help fix broken down automobiles

To raise an autistic daughter

Home Freyda Dwarf Village
Relatives Ella (Adoptive daughter, season 1 episode 2)

Dusty and Gidget (Parents)

Love Interests
Allies Eli, Ivan, Sven, Chet, Daleena, Persephone, Dashiell, Brunette, Poet, Daubler
Enemies Igor, Nicki, Bub, Nex,
Likes Inventing, helping others, Ella, the Dwarf Alliance, Brunette, romance, apples, his daughter speaking
Dislikes Monsters, Ella in danger, Brunette rejecting him, failure, being alone, daisies (allergic)
Powers and abilities
Weapons His wrench
Quote "No prob! I can fix that!"

Gadget is a supporting character in League of Dwarfs. He is voiced by Michael Adamthwaithe.


Gadget was born in Dwarf Village to Dusty and Gidget. He was also a victim who lost his two parents in the Dwarf-Monster Massacre years ago. Growing up, he has taken a passion for mechanics, and has studied them to adulthood. Now, he is the village mechanic. Later on, he adopts an autistic 4-year-old dwarf girl who was lost in the woods.


Despite the usual mechanic personality stereotype, Gadget appears to be really kind and sweet to his customers. He never lets anyone down and brightens their day with a smile.

However, he also appears to be a bit disorganized. His shop is usually cluttered with spare parts or any other junk found in his garage.

Gadget is also learning to be more of a father during the series as well. In, Silent but Adorably Cute, Gadget bonds with a dwarf girl named Ella with a case of autism, but is deeply upset to return her to the orphanage. Later on, Chet and Sven surprise him with Ella, and he officially adopts her.

Gadget hardly gets distracted from his work, proving he is purpose-driven. He usually focuses on the task at hand, and, no matter how many times Chet distracts him, he never looks away.


Gadget is a slender dwarf, with pale skin, light brown hair and braided beard, and dark blue eyes.

He sports a teal-grey stocking cap and long sleeve, dark brown overalls, and caramel boots with orange soles. He usually has a dirt smudge on his right cheek.


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  • "No prob! I can fix that!"
  • "Nice try, Chet"
  • "Yes, I too lost my parents"
  • (Near tears) "B-but, I love her!"


  • Gadget is allergic to daisies.
  • He is one of the many admirers of Brunette.
  • Gadget gets his inventive talent from his parents, before they went missing or killed during the Dwarf-Monster Massacre.