"1'000, years ago, superstition and the Sword ruled,it was a time of fear, it was a time of Darkness, it was the age of darkness, it was the age of Gargoyles! stone by day, warriors by night, we were betrayed by the humans we were sworn to protect, forzen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years! Now in Manhattan, the Spell is broken, and we live Again!, we are defenders of the Night, We are Gargoyles!" - Goliath!

A 2014 remake of the 90's classic animated series, only live action, and this time it's for real.


Goliath and the gang have been frozen by Magus for their protection only to awake a thousand years after on Xanatos's turf, they befrien Eliza Maze, and they encounter many strange characters! They learn the secrets of Demona's Betrayal and the rise of their common enemies the Pack!



Eliza Maze (Cote DePablo)

Matt Bluestone (Patrick Warburton)

David Xanatos (Michael Weatherly)

Fox Xanatos (Rachel Nicols)

Wolf (Stephen Lang)

Dingo (Arnold Vosloo)

Hyena (Penelope Cruz)

Jackal (Ryan Reynolds)

Dr. Anton Sevarius (Hugo Weaving)

Macbeth (Ron Perlman)


Goliath (Sam Worthington)

Hudson (Ray Winestone)

Brooklyn (Andrew Lee Potts)

Broadway (Wayne Knight)

Lexington (Greg Cipes)

Demona (Angelina Jolie)

Bronx (Frank Welker)

Coldstone (Quinton Aaron)

Characters from the past

Princess Kathrine (Amy Adams)

Magus (Tom Hiddleston)

Tom (Jonah Bobo)

Hakon (Stephen Lang)

Narrator (Patrick Stewart)

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