Gary Penguinwood
Background information
Feature films Gary Penguinwood
Gary Penguinwood 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Don Bluth
Mark Henn
John Pomeroy
Andreas Deja
Voice Will Ferell
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Hubie
Robin Hood
Flynn Rider
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Cunning, funny, heroic, intelligent, playful, carefree, romantic, chivalrous, bold, clever, good-natured, happy, merry, sly, generous, courageous, tricky, kind, gentle, athletic, suave, self-assured, adventurous
Appearance Blue penguin, blue sweater, red hat, blue eyes
Age 28
Occupation Thief (formerly)
Prince consort of The Isle of Nookum (after his marriage to Penny)
Alignment Good
Goal To have a private island and "piles of money" (formerly)
To rob all the pies for give to the poor
To marry
Home The Isle of Nookum
London, England
Relatives Penny (wife)
their 5 children
Love Interests Penny
Allies Crazy Louie, Mac Fish, Kitty
Enemies King Ratlion, Sir Petey
Likes Crazy Louie, ice creams, people having fun, Christmas
Dislikes King Ratlion's evil plans, danger, , the word "Rob"
Powers and abilities Agility, master archery, master of disguise, skilled swordsmanship, skilled woodsmanship
Weapons sword, pies
Fate Helps restore order to the kingdom and marries Penny
Quote "I like ice creams".

Gary Penguinwood is the main protagonist of the Disney's 1984 animated film, Gary Penguinwood. He is voiced by the late Dom DeLuise.



Physical appearence

Gary Penguinwood is a slender penguin with blue eyes who wears a red hat, and wears a green sweater, blue pants and shoes.


Gary Penguinwood

Gary Penguinwood 2





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