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Dance, Witches, Magic...It's On"!.

Gingereena is The first computer animated musical for Pixar Animation Studios

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Film information

Directed by

Tiffany Ikhile (Molla)

Produced by

John Lassater, Ronnie del Carmen

Written by

Tiffany Ikhile (Molla), Pete Doctor


Brittney Anne Pirtle

Tiffany Ikhile (Molla)

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Lopez

Brittney Snow

Piper Curda

Ben Shwartz

Whoopi Goldberg

Nancy Cartwright

Music by

Karen O


Pixar Animation Studios

Distributed by

Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date(s)


Running time

1hr. 45min.



Preceded by

Cars 3

Followed by

Pinoke & Gigi 2

Pixar's Gingereena- First Look01:24

Pixar's Gingereena- First Look


The film takes place in a "victorian age-esque" time period , modernized as a 1980's themed town where the famous fashion designer Madame Puckett creates a doll franchise. The fumes of her husbands magic candle, brings the ballerina doll to life. Gingereena gets enrolled to Tarroy Arts Academy, and desires to join The Whimsy Ballet Squadrant. But Marissa has other plans. Marissa turned Gigi's mother to an ant so Gigi and her friends must travel to the far outskirts of Malcomore, France to find a gypsy to break the spell which is her new best friend Melanie Setori.


The film takes place in a 1980 themed town called Malcolmore, Paris. Home of Paris' most successful fashion designer Madame Felicity Puckett, founder of Puckett fashions of Paris. She wants to enter the children's market by creating a doll franchise. The project was code named Gingereena. On the night before production began, Madame Puckett lit a candle that was given to her by her husband. But it was no ordinary candle. The fumes of the mythical candle caused the prototype doll to come to life. Now Madame Puckett starts to enter the world of Family Life.

Attatched Pixar Short

Woody meets Windy-Woody encounters a new female toy in Bonnie's Room.


Gingereena - Brittney Anne Pirtle

Daphne Fairyton- Reese Witherspoon

Genesis Gonzolez-Jennifer Lopez

Melanie Setori- Tamara Mowry

Madame Puckett- Whoopi Goldberg

Marissa Witchley-Tiffany Ikhile

Oglviee- Gilbert Gottfried

Douggy Rabbit: Ben Shwartz

The Misery Twins- Nancy Cartwright, Brittney Snow

Dingus the Zebra- Jim Carrey

Mrs. Burnie-Michelle Pfeiffer

Official Disney Princesses (cameo)

Mickey Mouse (cameo)


  • This is the first fanon animated feature to have a least amount of male characters and a large amount of female protagonists.
  • This film is partially the "Pixar" version of Big Hero 6.
  • This film is possibly a gender swapped version of the 1940 film Pinocchio, proving that Gingereena is the female counterpart of Pinocchio.
  • This is the first Disney Princess movie to have Epilogue credits at the end of the film
  • This is Pixar's first computer-animated musical.
  • This is the first Pixar film to have a female protagonist since Finding Dory.
  • Marissa is the first Pixar villan to sing.
  • Marissa is the first main pixar antagonist to be female
  • This is the first ever Pixar film to have a traditional animated sequel.
  • This is the 4th Pixar film to have a female protagonist.
  • Some characters from early development have been scrapped from the final project, which are Jerome (Melanie's Horse) and CiCi Cat.

Theatrical Posters

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