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Selaena and the Seven Dwarfs
Genre Fantasy, comedy, action, friendship
Format 3D Animation
Created by StormieCreater
Directed by Nathan Chew
Creative director
Voices of Tori Kelly, Stephan Stanton, Jack McBrayer, Norm MacDonald, Bill Farmer, Matt Lucas, Fred Tatasciore
Opening theme
Number of seasons 4 (planned)
Number of episodes
Executive producer(s)
Running time 20-27 minutes
Production company(s) Disney Television Animation


Original channel Disney XD
Picture format
Audio format
Original run
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Selaena and the Seven Dwarfs is a 3D Animated TV show made by Disney Animated Studios. It is based off of the Italian hybrid TV series, Seven and Me.


Selaena White Slusser is a 13 year old who lives a normal life in the suburbs until seven little men show up at her doorway. When she discovers that she is a descendant of Snow White, it puts her life in danger when a psychopath of an old lady, Lillith Malfecient, tries to hunt her down. Putting more stress on her plate, an organization, called D.I.R.T. kidnaps dwarfs like hers. It's up to Selaena and her new friends, Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, and Grumpy, to keep her secret from people who would try to expose her. 


Selaena White Slusser (Tori Kelly), a 13 year old descendant of Snow White, and the main protagonist.

Doc (Stephen Stanton), the oldest and leader of the dwarfs.

Happy (Jack McBrayer), the optimistic and jolly dwarf.

Sleepy (Norm MacDonald), the lazy dwarf.

Dopey (sounds by Billy West) the comical and youngest one. He doesn't talk.

Sneezy (Bill Farmer), the dwarf with allergies.

Bashful (Matt Lucas), the shy, friendly dwarf. Like he was with Snow White, he has a crush on Selaena. He is the only dwarf to be British.

Grumpy (Fred Tatasciore), the cross dwarf out of all of them.

Lilith Malficent (Catherine O' Hara), a modern day counterpart of the Evil Queen, and the main antagonist of the series.


  • This is the second animated series where the dwarfs have different appearances than their 1937 counterparts. The first was the 7D.
  • Tori Kelly makes her second voice appearance since League of Dwarfs.
  • The series is loosely based off of Seven and Me. However, there are some differences.
    • Seven and Me is a hybrid series while this series is fully animated.
    • The Seven dwarfs have different names.
    • The main character of Seven and Me is 11, while Selaena is 13.
      • Following the fact, one is named Snow while the other has a different name, Selaena.
    • Plot summaries may be different. Although, they revolve around a Snow White descendant, Selaena's story is a bit different from Snow's.
    • Seven and Me is in Italian, and this series is in English.