Global Detective Force: Rise of the Vanguards is an upcoming spin-off TV series that will be aired in 2017. It is based on a cybernoid appearances in Wreck-it Ralph spinoffs.


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Global Detective Force

  • Shaft
  • Echo
  • Katz
  • Sleeks
  • IronHand
  • Blitz
  • Flare
  • Maple
  • Fritz

Vanguards of Crime

  • P. Vanguard
  • Mallia Blacksnow
  • Kaiser von Krause
  • Nano Cyber
  • Diamond-Jack
  • Budz the Bounty Hunter

Other Characters

  • Detective Grip
  • Steel Cop Cyber
  • Glacier Cyber
  • Princess Icy
  • Holly-Polly
  • Clover Shuffle
  • Shamrock Green
  • Spade Sharp
  • Heart Shuffle
  • Club Steele

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