Greg the Zebra
Background information
Feature films The Zoo
The Zoo 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Chris Rock
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Marty from Madagascar
Honors and awards #1 Greatest Disney Fanon Villain
Character information
Full name Greg the Zebra
Other names
Personality Funny, kind, friendly, adventurous, dreamer, optimistic, impulsive, caring, loyal, humorous, cool, fun-loving.
Appearance Slender white zebra
Age 20
Occupation Central Park Zoo animal
Alignment Good
Goal To save the Central Park Zoo from the rats (succeeded, first film)
Home New York City, Africa (formerly)
Relatives Unnamed mother (deceased)
Love Interests Jenny
Allies Andrew, Peter Wilde, Doug Doggy, Ramster (formerly)
Enemies Ramster, Ramster Jr., Ramster's Minions, Chief Rhino (formerly)
Likes the wild, dreaming
Dislikes danger, being ignored, being feared (currently)
Powers and abilities
Weapons his hooves
Fate He is reunited by Andrew and Peter Wilde, and then builds a new bar for all the animals.
Quote "I love the New Yorkers".
"When a zebra's in the zone, I are good."
"Ramster, you are the dirty sewer rat".

Greg is the protagonist of the Disney/Pixar's upcoming animated film, The Zoo.

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