Hannah Appears in Tye's great adventure, her info is below:

Apperance: Skinny Slender girl with blonde hair, and blue-green eyes

Allies: Kiley, Isabella, Josi (sometimes)

Enemies: Logyan, Edna, Sarah, Harriot, Brook

Love Interests: David

Love Interested By Someone: David, Hiro Hamada (In Seven seas cameo, seen taking pictures of her and following her and blowing kisses at her)

Occupation: Student, Maid, Adventurers


"Baba BooBoo!"

"Mrs. Au, what if we can't make it?!"

"What if we fall? Will we die, suffocate, or even Disspear?"

"Oh My, you can't be serious!"

"Josi, just took all my bike parts, just to make a fidget spinner!, hmm!"

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