Hannah Reyes Mendoza (Big Hero 6.2) Hannah Mendoza is a new character in the upcoming movie Big Hero 6.2 and its short, The Coffee Date.


Hannah Oñaté of That Was Then, This Is Now

Portayed by: Chantelle Young

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Deema from Hell and Back, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, Janis Ian from Mean Girls, Dallas Winston from The Outsiders, Hannah Oñaté, Moana

Alignment: bad/neutral, later good


16 years old, slender, very beautiful, 6'2, has long, thick, wavy black blonde ombre hair, brown/black skin, casual black dress, brown eyes, black winged eyeliner, shark tooth and rubber bracelets with her favorite bands on them, leather ankle high boots, choker on her neck, black lipstick, gray flower crown, and pastel green nails with a black skull on the ring finger.

Occupation: Hiro's crush/girlfriend/future wife, lead singer of HandsyJoseph's foster cousin, Alan's ex girlfriend, Plastics' target for death


hard working, mom-like, threatening, adventurous, rebellious, kind hearted, mean, sarcastic, cocky, extroverted, insecure, violent, responsible, knows how to get work done, loud, confident, artistic, physically and mentally strong, ambitious, goofy, clever as a fox, wise as an owl, cheeky, selfless, pessimistic, somewhat antisocial


Food, mint, Starbucks coffee, cooking, rock and Latin music, books, Hiro, sports (especially soccer and football), skulls, eating whatever she wants, gory detail, weapons, card games, burping contests, inspirational quotes, long road trips, writing songs, video games, graffiti, when Hiro compliments her


Joseph being abused by his foster parents, Hiro mad at her, the color pink, when her voice cracks, Her ex boyfriend  trying to win her back, clothes that show off too much skin, meaningless music and songs, her father's habit of drug and alcohol abuse, her body and skin (sometimes), her fear of becoming something or someone she doesn't want to, her ex friends the Plastics, Yokai, pedophiles, her little sister sad, losing her hair, skin care, and makeup products.


Her only weapons are her brain, mouth, homemade products, and taekwondo. She uses her taekwondo moves to injure the enemy, and has a heating lasso attached to a boomerang to tie up and practically burn the enemy. The heat in the lasso is a reaction to body's heat, which helps most when defeating an enemy due to their level of anger and how much the human body's heat increases when they are angry. She also has pepper spray in the form of a hairspray bottle.

Other Names: 

Babe (accidental, by Hiro )

Lil Weirdo (by Joseph)

Sweetheart (by her mother, Rachel)

Useless Wannabe (by Gg to Hannah and her band, but mostly her)

Fugly (by Destinee)

FSIL ("future sister in law," by Tadashi)

Hotie (accidental, by Hiro)

Até (Filipino) and Hermana Mayor (Spanish) (both meaning "older sister" by Phoebe Mendoza)


"I do what I want, where I want, and when I want as long as I don't hurt anyone but if I do hurt someone, it's for help and help only..  So you stay out my way." 

"Shut up and get out of my face, stupid!"

"I suppose you think that's funny?!"

"You think I care if I ruin your hairstyle?"

"Give me your lunch money!"


To get revenge on the Plastics and somehow murder them (given up) 

To expose them (succeeded)

Get the confidence to ask Hiro out (succeeded)


Kisses Hiro in the sunset after the Plastics' defeat and gets her broken wrist treated by Baymax, performs with Handsy in celebration of the defeat.


  • She's in a latin pop/post-hardcore/acapella/pop punk/R&B band called Handsy
  • She's very misunderstood and is tired of people hurting her and the people she loves, which explains why she was bad at the beginning
  • Her brother was eaten by a shark and got expelled from her old school for a dumb reason when he was 14 and has been deeply depressed ever since which explains why she's mean and violent
  • She's part Filipino, Polynesian, African, and Colombian.
  • She is the New Zealand type of Polynesian.
  • She graduated high school at age 11.
  • She is actually the first Disney villian to be already revealed as a villian and at the same time an ally of the main character (Hiro). 
  • She and Hiro had been best friends since age 4.
  • Her birthday is the same as Hiro's, but she is a year younger.
  • She was born with ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, and depression disorders.
  • She was also born with skin discoloration disorder.
  • She has many phobias, but is also very comfortable in her own skin and confident of who she is
  • She has playfully taunted Hiro for his height a few times as seen in the movie.
  • She has a passion for professional painting and is seen having a playful paint fight with Hiro in the end credits.
  • She's created a robot similar to Baymax named Hermosa (meaning "Beautiful" in Spanish).
  • She's fluent in Samoan, Filipino, and Spanish and still learning a bit of English.
  • She loves extremely spicy food and is seen in the end credits putting hot sauce in her ramen
  • She has a tendency to burp when she's nervous (as seen whenever Hiro complements her).
  • Her ex's name is Alan. They broke up because of trust issues, distance, and Alan cheating on her more than once.
  • Her mother is where she gets her Filipino and Polynesian blood, while her father is where she gets her Filipino, African, and Colombian blood. 
  • She was born in Boracay, Philippines
  • Her voice actress, Hannah Oñaté, was the main inspiration and is also of the same disorders and ethnicities
  • She has also been through the same events as her

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