In a tale where a princess eventually meets a prince, but when a gothic mad man plans to make the princess marry him, but she refuses. So now the prince must save the princess from the mad man's clutches.


  • Prince Garretth (Yuri Lowenthal) - Prince of Jarchio, and must face a feat of foes to win the heart of a Princess!
  • Princess Margara (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - Garretth's love interest and placed a curse to change into a White Dragon until she accepts Lord Jarreth's offer!
  • The Prince's father (Patrick Warburton)
  • The Princess' parents (Bruce Greenwood and April Stewart)
  • Perky (Jim Cummings) - the Princess' friend, he is a bird
  • Lord Jarreth (Graham McTavish) - the main antagonist, and a goth who plans to marry the princess
  • Captain Cryas (David Kaye) - Jarreth's righthand man!
  • Gimpy the Troll (George Lopez) - Garreth's goodfriend and helper!
  • Castle Guards (Grant Moninger, Jeff Bennett, Troy Baker, Dee Bradley Baker)

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