right after you escape the haunted mansion...What Will Happen Next? First when you enter the ride you pass a billion of ghosts playing instruments and pounding on drums. And some drinking water.. Then you enter the mysterious genius Madame leota's room. Then she is there and her roles and roles say "Hello Foolish Mortals" "Welcome to My Room" "Nothing Quiet and Cozy" "As Much as My Groom" "Ghosts and Sprits Answer This Call! Cause we Are going to another marvellous Ball!" Then The Ride Gets Faster then appears in the ballroom your in the ball room! You pass a few tables and ghosts are eating then you pass Ghosts dancing.. Then you enter a room... (Replaces Attic, but attic is coming up soon).. The Cafeteria! You Pass A few Wooden Tables and There is a Ghost (Erza) cutting Fruit and Veggies and Those Two Guests At The Table (Gus and Phineas) Just Waiting for Their Food.. Then you go up and up and up high to the attic.. Where you pass a bunch of Boxes that Open up and Spirits Pop Right Up.. And you hear is screaming and someone not clearly saying "Let Me In" and Glass Breaking.. Then You Pass A Bride Holding a candle and a vase with flowers moving them up and down with her arms when you exit the attic room you hear from the attic a Man Yelling "Stop Please!" Then You Go to a Deck With The Hatbox Ghost Saying "Hello Marvelous Creatures! My Name Is Hattie!" then his face vanishes into his hatbox.. Next to him were the owners of the haunted mansion but they were deaseced The Wife Says "Whoever You Are Why Are You In My House?" And The Husband Just blinks and blinks.. Till the ride goes down very fast to the graveyard.. You see a caretaker and his dog the car taker shakes his legs and says "It's Okay Marty (Dog) Were Okay Here... " Then You Pass A Female Ghost Holding to a Hatbox But Her Face does not Disspear she shakes the hatbox too and she is possibly The Hatbox's Sister and she sings the tune of Grim Grinning Ghosts, then you pass a few graves that have ghosts popping up and down and then you pass the Opera singer and her Wealthy Husband holding on to her long rapunzelled Hair and then you pass singing statues then you enter The Exit and your done the ride The Maids/Butlers/Cast Members Say Get Off Yout Doom Buggies and have a frighting Day!

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