Hercules:The Musical is a musical adaptation of Hercules.The musical features animatronic versions The statue of Zeus,The Hydra,The Cyclops,and The Titans created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.


Character Character Description Actor
Hercules A young man with godlike strength Adam Pascal
Meg A woman in love with Hercules who sold her soul to Hades. Idina Menzel
Phil A saytr and Hercules' trainer Nathan Lane
Hades God of the Underworld and Zeus' rival Joey Fatone
Pain An imp of Hades who likes Hercules's merchandise. Puppeteered by Rick Lyon
Panic Hades' other imp who also likes Hercules merchandise. Puppeteered by John Tatrigalia
Pegasus Hercules' flying pet horse John Tartigalia
Zeus Hercules' father and Hades' rival Roger Rees (Statue puppeteered by Rick Lyon )
The Titans The Giant minions of Hades locked by Zeus many eons ago Peter Linz (Rock Titan),Drew Massey (Ice Titan),Victor Yerrid (Lava Titan),John Tartigalia (Wind Titan)
The Muses The narrators of the story Natalie Venetia Belcon,Patina Miller,Whoopi Goldberg,Jenifer Lewis,Tracie Thoms
The Fates The Mistresses of Death Stephanie D' Abruzzo,Jennifer Barnhart,Jodi Eichelberger
The Hydra Hades' Multi headed monster

Puppeteered by Peter Linz,John Tartigalia,Stephanie D' Abruzzo

Hera Hercules' mother Jodi Benson
Hermes Zeus' messenger Hank Azaria


Act I

  • Overture - Orchestra
  • The Gospel Truth - The Muses
  • I hate Zeus - Hades & The souls
  • He Ran The Underworld/The Gospel Truth (reprise ) - The Muses
  • Pain & Panic reporting for duty - Pain & Panic
  • The Prophecy - The Fates
  • Send Out The Gods - Zeus and Hera
  • Young Herc Was Mortal/The Gospel Truth (Reprise II) - The Muses
  • Go The Distance - Hercules
  • Tell Me Who I Am - Hercules
  • The Trainer Of Heroes - Statue of Zeus
  • Go the Distance (Reprise) - Hercules
  • One Last Hope - Phil
  • It's Been A Real Slice - Meg
  • The Big Olive - Phil
  • Zero To Hero - The Muses

Act II

  • Entr'acte - Orchestra
  • Play Hooky - Meg and Hercules
  • I Won't Say (I'm In Love) - Meg and The Muses
  • It's Almost Time - Hades
  • All Time Chump - Phil and Hercules
  • Lemme make you a deal - Hades
  • Crush Zeus - The Titans
  • The Deal is broken/I Won't Say (I'm In Love) (reprise) - Meg
  • Go The Distance (reprise II) - Hercules and Meg
  • A Star Is Born - The Muses,Cast
  • Bows/A Star Is Born - Cast

Differences between The movie and The musical

  • In the movie Baby Hercules fighting Pain and Panic as Snakes is seen while in the musical it is shown in shadows against a rock.
  • 18 new songs were written by Alan Menken and David Zippel
  • In the movie Pain and Panic's fate is unknown while in the musical they reform and join Hercules.
  • Instead of the townsfolk being angry at Hercules for accidentally destroying the market place,Hercules accidentally knocks out a teenager with a discus which causes the townsfolk to chase him and Amphitryon out of the market.
  • The character of Nessus the centaur is cut from the musical
  • Instead of Hercules saving Meg from Nessus,Hercules saves Meg from a minotaur
  • The character Cerberus is cut from the musical
  • Instead of Hades being punched into the River Styx,Hades backs away from Hercules in fear,loses his footing, and falls down into the River Styx.

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