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Hercules II: The Trojan War is 2019 sequel to 1997 film, Hercules. This is theatrical studio produced by DisneyToon Studios.

Hercules II: The Trojan War
Film information




Disney (non-Pixar)


American English

Preceded by


Followed by

"Hercules 3: The Reboot"


  • Hercules (Tate Donovan) - Megara's husband, Poseidon's father and the main protagonist of the film.
  • Megara (Susan Edgan) - Hercules' wife, Poseidon's mother and the tritagonist of the film.
  • Pegasus - Hercules' pet
  • Philoctetes (Danny DeVito) - Hercules and Poseidon's training friend.
  • Zeus (Corey Burton) - Hercules' father and Poseidon's grandfather.
  • Hera (Julie Kavner) - Hercules' mother and Poseidon's grandmother.
  • Poseidon (E. G. Daily) - Hercules and Megara's son, Zeus and Hera's grandson and the deuteragonist of the film. named after Poseidon, Zeus's brother.
  • Ares (John Rhys-Davies) - Hercules' brother and the secondary tritagonist of the film


  • Hades (James Woods) - Hercules' evil uncle and the main antagonist of the film.
  • Pain & Panic (Bobcat Goldthwait & Matt Frewer) - Hades' pets and the tertiary antagonists of the film.
  • Anuber (Hank Azaria) - The secondary antagonist of the film.


  • Chronos (sung by Philoctetes, Hercules, Megara, Zeus and Hera)
  • Destiny Is Calling! (sung by Hercules and Poseidon)
  • The Golden Fleece (sung by Philoctetes)
  • Hyperion (sung by Hercules, Poseidon and Ares)
  • Go to Distance (End Title version) (performed by Jim Cummings)

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