Honey Lemon transparent
Honey Lemon
Background information
Feature films Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6.2 The Coffee Date (short)

Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Genesis Rodriguez
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration The character of the same name from the original Big Hero 6 comic strip
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Cheerful, bubbly, peppy, jovial, geeky, intelligent, optimistic, thrill-seeking, supportive, eccentric, hospitable, sweet, hyperactive, affectionate
Appearance Tall, slender, lightly tanned skin, pink lipstick, long honey-blonde hair, green eyes (Big Hero 6)

Tan skin, green eyes, red lipstick, blue dress with white polka dots, hair in a bun (Big Hero 6.2 and The Coffee Date)

Age 17 (Big Hero 6)

21 (Big Hero 6.2 and The Coffee Date)

Birthday February 26, 1997
Alignment Good
Relatives Luke (cousin)
Love Interests
Likes Chemistry, teamwork, selfies, intense danger, fashion design, baking, the color pink, latin music, explosions, pilates, manga, onigiri, unadon, green tea, her friends
Dislikes Confrontation amongst friends
Powers and abilities
Fate Goes on to protect the city with her friends to fulfill Tadashi's wish of helping a lot of people (Big Hero 6)

Punches the beauty of Gg's face and goes on a date with Joseph Fabito Rodriguez (Big Hero 6.2)

Quote "That was AMAZING!"

Honey Lemon is a major character in the 2014 computer-animated film, Big Hero 6. She joined the Junior Disney Princess lineup on December 14, 2014, making her the 21st member.

Character Bio

It's elemental when it comes to chemistry whiz Honey Lemon. Don't let her glasses and funky fashion fool you: Honey may be as sweet as her namesake, but she has a fire in her belly and a can-do attitude that make her pretty much unstoppable. Her knowledge of alchemy proves powerful, too, when the effusive brainiac becomes part of the Big Hero 6 and creates clever concoctions that when thrown, can get her team out of nearly any jam.

Press Info

A chemistry student, Honey is the glue that holds the group together because of her empathetic, sweet personality and positive attitude. While that — and her girlie duds — doesn't exactly scream superhero material, she goes through one of the sharpest evolutions of the bunch, Williams says. Plus, Rodriguez herself is smart and was into science and robotics in school, Hall adds. "She brings some of that goofy, slightly geeky but joyful thing to the character.


  • "400 pounds of it! Come here, come here, come here! You're gonna love this."
  • "We love you, Hiro good luck!"
  • "I know right? Chemical metal embrittlement!"
  • "It's really not."

Love Interests

Honey has a crush on Joseph (Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil) and he is a new character in the 2018 movie Big Hero 6.2

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