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The House Of Mouse is going to come on Disney XD and is gonna have new episodes.

Note: This is going to be real-life. Not fan-made.

New episodes:

Season Episode Airdate Summary Cartoons
4 Too Shy To Be On Stage unknown/TBA Mickey has a fever and he can't host the show, so he asks Bashful to host it.

Pluto Gets The Paper: Vending Machine, Goofy: How To Make A Fire, Donald's Dynamite: Delivery Package

4 Stuck to a Dragon unknown/TBA Madam Mim turns into a dragon but she can't change herself back because her wand broke.

Goofy's Extreme Sports: Stick Surfing, Pluto Gets The Paper: Street Cleaner, Mickey: Mickey's Mix-Up

4 The Missing Pluto Gets The Paper Cartoons unknown/TBA Pluto doesn't want to let Mickey see that Pluto had a lot of trouble getting the paper for him so he hides all the Pluto Gets The Paper cartoons so Mickey won't see them.

Pluto Gets The Paper: Garbage Truck, Pluto Gets The Paper: Snow, Pluto Gets The Paper: Bubble Gum, Pluto Gets The Paper: Wet Cement, Pluto Gets The Paper: Street Cleaner, Pluto Gets The Paper: Spaceship, Pluto Gets The Paper: Mortimer, Pluto Gets The Paper: Vending Machine, Pluto Gets The Paper: Pete

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