Genre Animated comedy
Format Animated television series
Created by CCs and Cream
Opening theme Dreamers performed by Stephen Schwartz and the "iMAGINATION!" choir
Composer(s) Stephen Schwartz
CCs and Cream
Country of origin United States
Language English
No. of seasons 4 (planned)
No. of episodes

52 (planned)

Running time approx. 22 minutes
Production companies Disney Television Animation
Disney Channel Original Productions
Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Original channel Disney Channel
Original run December 5, 2012 - December 15, 2013 (planned)
Status Upcoming series

Imagination! (stylized as iMAGINATION!) is an upcoming American animated television series produced by the Disney Telivision Animation for Disney Channel. It is based off of the short from Disney's Cartoon Collections of the same name. The show is created by user CCs and Cream and is set to premiere this Holiday season.



A strong-willed and courageous young child named Walter has been granted the ability to literally step into his own imagination. Wild and crazy adventures ensues and pursues on a great grand journey deeper into the realm that is his imagination with his friend, Lillian, and sometimes his dad, Elias.


Most of the show takes place inside Walter's imagination. It's a vast and colorful dimension which he and certain other people could literally enter themselves. Walter's imagination is really similar to the Disneyland parks as his imagination includes big fantasy kingdom, a metropolis of technology, a 1920s town setting, etc.

Outside of Walter's imagination, the rest of the show mostly takes place in a large set of farmland. What are mostly seen in the farmland are Walter's and Elias' house and several acres of their farmland, and Lillian's house as well as several acres of her farmland too.

Cast and Characters


Walter D.

Frankie Jonas as Walter D., a 10-year old boy who has been gifted a special gift: to enter the realm that is his imagination. Walter is a strong-willed and courageous young child, brave enough to willingly face anything he encounters. He is also shown to have great interests in the arts. He also has a job to take care of. Outside of his own world, he is the local newsboy around in his home area as his father is part of a huge news corporation.

Lillian M.

Noah Cyrus as Lillian M., a 9-year old girl who has been best friends with Walter ever since when they were toddlers. She is a very shy girl and always speaks softly. She has been tagging along with Walter and has then been developing a crush on him. She unconditionally loves the color Cranberry Red.

Elias D.

Jim Cummings as Elias D., Walter's middle-aged father. Elias works for a huge news corporation by receiving the news via telegraph and spread it all over the farmland areas that he lives on. He has been known to be quite serious at times and is also sometimes strict. Deep down, though, he loves his son and deeply cares about him.

The Owl, Who

Patrick Stewart as The Owl, Who, a mysterious owl known as the Guardian of Imagination in Walter's imagination. He is quite a calm and serious owl, although can take a joke because he's used to being joked around. He is also quite a bookworm and also speaks in cryptic riddles for fun. He is usually tagged along with Walter when Walter needs him.

Princess Eaglewings

Jodi Benson as Princess Eaglewings, who is the princess of the species "Fairyflies" in Walter's imagination. She is an elegant, beautiful, and surprisingly a bit of an adventurous princess. She is also a very talented singer and hopes that she can share her voice to the world. She tags along with Lillian as the perfect excuse to explore outside her kingdom


Jeff Garlin as Stallious, Elias's personal stallion when he goes on horseback riding. Unbeknownst to Elias, Walter makes use of Stallious when he travels through his own imagination. In Walter's imagination, Stallious is a very hysterical horse and serves as a comic relief. Although sometimes tagging along with Walter, he mostly tags along with Elias as he is his horse.



Imagination! is heavily inspired by the worlds of the "Disney Animation Canon", Pixar films, as well as other Disney properties. The show is even inspired by some films by Studio Ghibli.

  • Walter D. is a huge homage of Walt Disney and was given an adventurous and curious personality. His appearance is based off of Pazu from Castle in the Sky and Bambino from La Luna.
  • Lillian M.'s name is a homage to Lillian Disney, Walt Disney's wife. She is somewhat slightly inspired by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Elias's D.'s name is a homage to Elias Disney, Walt Disney's father. His appearance is based off of the Boss from Castle in the Sky and Papa from La Luna.
  • The Owl, Who is a huge homage to all of the Disney-created owls used in the "Disney Animation Canon", mostly the Owl from Sleeping Beauty and Owl from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Winnie the Pooh. Personality-wise, he was inspired by Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast and the Great Prince of the Forest from Bambi and Bambi II.
  • Princess Fairyfly is a huge homage to most of the Disney Princesses, more specifically Ariel and Rapunzel. She also has the same voice as Ariel's.
  • Stallious is a huge homage to many of the horses used in the "Disney Animation Canon". Personality-wise, he is based off of Buttercup from the Toy Story franchise and is even voiced by Jeff Garlin, the same voice for Buttercup.
  • Concept art and background drops for the show is heavily depicted in the style of Mary Blair.
  • The musical numbers and the background musical score heavily relies on the use of an 80-piece orchestra, similar to the Disney films.
  • The entire map of Walter's imagination is laid out much similarly to the Disneyland-style parks.
  • The Disney trope of the protagonist's parent is a widow is used when it is known that Walter and Elias lost their mother/wife.
  • Walter and Elias's relationship is heavily similar to that of Simba and Mufasa from The Lion King, and Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest from Bambi II, but mostly the latter.
    • Even mentioning Walter's mother saddens Elias similar to the Great Prince of the Forest from Bambi II.
  • Following in the footsteps of Phineas and Ferb, every episode is supposed to have at least one musical number.

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