Inky mickey by jc the hyena-d396cle

Concept design of Inky with a few of his "Inklings".

ky Mickey (Also known as "I.M." or "S.M." or "Dark Mickey") is a strange, demonic entity made entirely of ink resembling Mickey Mouse.
Inky Mickey


Insane, playful and childish


A monstrosity made of ink that greatly resembles Mickey mouse but with a deformed face and a deranged smile.


S.M., I.M., Dark Mickey

Powers and Abilities

Control and manipulation over ink and paranormal activity, transformations, twisted imagination, influence over certain kinds of evil.


Inklings, Suicide Mouse (His alter ego)


Bringing terror and madness to the world, scaring people, ink, Mickey Mouse, Oswald, playing sick games with others, stalking people, watching TV


Being lonely, having no one to play with, people who anger him, not being able to do whatever he likes, running out of ink, making a mess


Suicide Mouse, Shadow Blot


Continues to strike fear into the hearts of everyone through his dark power of ink and his alter ego.

Physical Appearance

Inky, in many ways, looks exactly like Mickey Mouse, though the major differences are that he's made entirely of ink, usually has a deformed face (Most of the time he actually has a normal face), wide green and red eyes, and a huge, demented grin. Inky usually "drips" with the ink that makes up his body, but usually has a stable body normally.

Inky's body varies from a shapeless mass of ink to a normal body like Mickey's. When Inky's body is shaped normally, he's wearing Mickey's old pants which for Inky is a dark, colorless purple (much like Mickey's Scraper form), though he lacks the gloves and shoes, Mickey wears, having large clawlike hands and shapeless, toeless feet.

Inky's voice is high-pitched like Mickey's, but more higher-pitched, twisted and more freakish sounding.

Epic Mickey 2

Inky is rumored to be the main antagonist of the upcoming sequel of Epic Mickey, but his role in the game is not actually clear yet, though it seems that he is after both Mickey and Oswald and is in no way in any relation with the Shadow Blot.

Why he wants to destroy Mickey and Oswald is unclear, though it is evident that he is just insane and sadistic wanting nothing more than to strike fear and madness to anyone he meets, even Oswald is terrified by him.

1315384698.kuchen-pie so inky

Inky with a more fuller face now looking exactly like Mickey.

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