Trailer Announcer: "It was just an ordinary day in San Francisco, all 5 of your most favorite emotions are back in this new feature length film, but this time, 5 more emotions have showed up to join them."

Fear: "Oh hi there, nice to meet you guys."

Trust: "It's good to meet all 5 of you here as well too."

Joy: "Oh my gosh, good news, now there's 10 emotions working together as always."

Embarassment: "I sure hope we're not being spotted in public."

Fear: "So do I, we both have lots in common."

Trailer Announcer: "Now get ready for a very important mission quest to stop an evil mastermind."

Nightmare Subconcious: "Pretty soon, Riley Andersen will have the most terrible nightmares in the entire universe."

Fear: "What are we gonna do, you guys? we can't let Nightmare Subconcious get near any of us!"'

Sadness: "Tell me about it."

Joy: "Fear, we're a team, remember? we're trying to make Riley safe and secure."

Anger: "Try to keep it down over there, will ya?"

Disgust: "Yeah right, just get over it already."

Trailer Announcer: "Riley's beginning her very 1st year of 7th grade."

Principal Jones: "Good morning, fellow students, welcome to your very 1st year of 7th grade, and if you pass 8th grade, it's off to San Francisco High School for all of you."

Joy is taking control of Riley's mind.

Riley: "So, George, would you care to sit right with me at the school lunch table this afternoon?"

George's Joy is taking control of George's mind.

George: "Why sure, Riley, I would like to join you for lunch this afternoon."

Riley: "That'll be a good idea ever since my previous boyfriend broke up with me and went with another young girl for a change."

Trailer Announcer: "Disney and Pixar presents Inside Out 2, rated G for General Audiences, coming to movie theaters

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