Iroh is Cruella DeVil's brother, Iroh don't want to hurt the puppies and refuses to join her on her mission.

101 Dalmatians

When Iroh first visited Roger's House, he tells them that he is Cruella DeVil's Brother. Roger shocked and tells them to get out. Iroh tells them that he don't want to hurt the puppies. Roger agreed and let him stay.

When Haruto, Kazumi and Asahina come to the house, they see Iroh. Kazumi tells them that he was his childhood friend.

When Cruella comes, she see Iroh. Cruella tells them to join her mission to use the dogs fur as coat furs. Iroh refuses to do that because he love puppies. Cruella was angry at him because he refusing to join her. She leaves the house.

Iroh see the puppies and he was joyful, Iroh tells them: "If Cruella will harm you, she will get what she deserves".

Later, when Cruella chasing the puppies, she see Iroh. Iroh comes to her and tells her about what she's done. He tells her he is not her brother anymore and tells her to leave the puppies alone. Zuko join Iroh, Iroh tells him not to fight her, They both leave.

When Iroh visits Cruella's Jail, she tells Iroh to help her. Iroh tells her he don't care if she's in jail because he is no longer her brother. Cruella call him a traitor, Iroh tell her he is not a traitor because he don't want to hurt the puppies and make to fur coats.

Iroh comes to the party and he want to celebrate, the family agreed and tells him to stay whenever he want because now he is a member of this family.


Iroh has a wide heart and have mercy on everyone. He love puppies.

Iroh hates Cruella because she wants to make them a fur coats.

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