An episode from the Disney/WB show The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures:


(At Mickey and Bugs' house outside)

(Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny laugh, giggle and squeal)

(Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny play ball)

Donald: Pass it here, Mickey!

Mickey: Okay, Donald!

(Mickey kicks the ball to Donald, but accidentally threw it to the next yard)

Mickey: That was our last ball!

Donald: Looks like somebody's gonna have to go over there and get the balls back. Like, you two!

(Donald points at Bobby and Donny)

Bobby and Donny: Us?

Donald: Yes, both of you! Now, stop talking and go get the balls!

Bobby: Why can't you and Mickey get the balls?

Mickey and Donald: Ahem?

(Mickey and Donald point out their finger to get Bobby and Donny to get the balls)

(Bobby and Donny sighs and walk to the next yard)

Bobby: We're here!

Donny: Let's get the balls!

(Bobby and Donny get the balls, until green eyes appear from the window)

(Donny gets shocked and taps Bobby)

Donny: Bobby, Bobby, BOBBY!!!!

Bobby: What?

Donny: Look!

(Donny shows the green eyes to Bobby)

Donny: I see green eyes staring at us!

Bobby: I see them too!

(Bobby and Donny holds on to each other)

Donny: Okay, let's just get outta here!

Bobby: Okay!

(Bobby and Donny runs from the next yard)

(Title Card)

(Mickey and Donald waiting for Bobby and Donny)

Mickey: What's taking them so long?

(Bobby and Donny screaming as they run to Mickey and Donald)

Bobby: Mickey, I saw some green scary eyes staring at us!

Donny: And I'm the one who saw them first!

Mickey: Green eyes?

(Mickey and Donald looks at each other, then start to laugh)

Bobby: What's funny?

Mickey: You think we should believe all this nonsense?

Bobby: It's not nonsense, we saw them for real!

More later.

Voice actors

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