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Sir Ivan III
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Tony Jay
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Six Fingured Man, Hans, Waternoose, Palpatine, Gantu, King Candy\Turbo, Chick Hicks, The Manster
Honors and awards 6th greatest disney fanon villain
Character information
Full name Sir Senior Ivan III
Other names Ivan, Ivy, Clush
Personality mean, cruel, short-tempared, nasty, killjoy, brave, furious, action-joy, evil, ruthless, brutal
Occupation Ruler, fighter, evil-wizard
Affiliations Bad
Goal to rule all of the 5 empires, to learn the secrets of the dragoneye blade
Home Chumswell
Relatives Kiedora (brother), Bade (nephew)
Love Interests Madam Kappilue
Pets Sir Bonehead (evil dragon-pet)
Allies Sir Bonehead, Madam Kappilue, Tsung-Longue (temporarily)
Minions Sir Bonehead, Prince Egdar (formerly), Enutrapa, Spikey & Archny
Enemies Bade, Kiedora, Shira Vantommes, Baron Von Arthur, Neena, Croid, Sir Kron, Prince Egdar
Likes power, ruling empires, deaths, fire
Dislikes other rulers, his nephew Bade, his brother Kiedora
Powers and abilities witch-craft
Weapons sword, golden ax, magic-wand\staff, dragoneye blade (briefly)
Quote Oh, the powers of Mighty Ivy when his tough enough to get the dragoneye blade of the kingdom.
Sir Senior Ivan III is the ruler of Chumswell and the main antagonist of the 2016 film Empire Lords.

Ivan in his wizard film