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Background information
Feature films Return to Never Land
Video games Return to Never Land (video games)
Animators Stéphane Sainte-Foi

Yoshimichi Tamura

Voice Harriet Owen (Speaking)

Jonatha Brooke (Singing) Aya Ueto (Japanese)

Inspiration Rhino

Patrick Hockstetter

Character information
Other names Wendy (mistaken by Captain Hook)


Personality Previously: Practical, grumpy, short-tempered, tough, selfish, cold, somewhat upper-class, rude, serious, rebellious, uncaring, arrogant, no-nonsense

Later: Brave, daring, imaginative, adventurous, loving, sweet, gentle, kind

Appearance Slender, fair skin, blue eyes, short dirty blonde hair, light brown coat, green skirt, light green long-sleeved shirt, steel helmet, boots (formerly), purple sweater, lavender nightgown, gray socks (currently)
Occupation Lost Girl, Edward and Wendy's daughter, Danny's older sister, George and Mary's granddaughter, John and Michael's niece, Peter's best friend
Affiliations Neutral, later good
Goal To try to get back home and tell Peter Pan stories.
Home Bloomsbury, England, UK
Relatives Wendy Darling (mother), Edward (father), Danny (younger brother), John Darling (maternal uncle), Michael Darling (maternal uncle), George Darling (maternal grandfather), Mary Darling (maternal grandmother)
Pets Nana II (dog)
Allies Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Lost Boys, Wendy Darling, Nana II, Danny, Edward
Minions Nana II
Enemies Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Pirate Crew
Likes Dreams, adventures, stories, Peter Pan
Dislikes Pirates, her father's absence at the fight, dreams (formerly), adventures (formerly), stories (formerly), Captain Hook
Powers and abilities Flight
Weapons Rapier (temporarily)
Fate Gets reunited by her father from his fight while Peter Pan and Tinker Bell go home to Never Land.
Quote "I'll always believe in you, Peter Pan."

"Or maybe you're full of hot air."

|- | class="plainlinks" id="infoboxend" style="text-align:right;-moz-border-radius:15px;"|[Source] |} Jane is a character and one of the two protagonists (the other being Peter) in Disney's 2002 film Return to Never Land, the sequel to the 1953 film Peter Pan. She is voiced by Harriet Owen with her singing voice provided by Jonatha Brooke.


Jane is the tomboyishly beautiful 12-year-old daughter of Wendy and Wendy's husband Edward. Jane also has a younger brother named Danny and the family lives in London. Edward's, and thus, Jane's last name is never revealed. Jane is most likely based on the character of the same name, from the original Peter Pan books. In the books, Jane is Wendy's daughter and she goes to Never Land with Peter Pan after Wendy grows up. She somewhat resembles her mother and her grandmother in facial appearance. However it seems she got her dirty blonde hair color from her Uncle Michael and her practical attitude from her grandfather George.


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