Princess Jasmine

These are quotes and lines said by Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.



  • Oh, Father! Rajah was just playing with him. Weren't you, Rajah? You were just playing with that overdressed, self-absorbed Prince Achmed, weren't you? [she and her tiger chuckle and then see the Sultan glaring at them] Ahem...
  • [choruses with him] Must be married to a prince...
  • The law is wrong!
  • Father! I hate being forced into this. If I do marry... I want it to be for love.
  • Please, try to understand! I've never done a thing on my own. I've never had any real friends. [Rajah looks up, growling] Except you, Rajah. [Rajah lies down again, smiling] I've never even been outside the palace walls.
  • Then maybe I don't wanna be a princess any more!
  • [whispering] What are you doing?
  • [bowing to Abu] O wise Sultan, how may I serve you?
  • [to a camel] Oh, hello, Doctor. How are you?
  • [glumly] Oh... It's wonderful.
  • Oh, sure. People who tell you where to go and how to dress.
  • You're not free to make your own choices.
  • You're just...
  • Let him go!
  • Unhand him! [pulls off the hood of her cloak] By order of the Princess.
  • That's not your concern. Do as I command. Release him!
  • Believe me, I will.
  • [to Jafar] At least some good will come of my being forced to marry. When I am Queen, I will have the power to get rid of you.
  • How dare you! All of you! Standing around deciding my future?! I am not a prize to be won!
  • Punctual?
  • [after their magic carpet ride around the world] It's all so magical.
  • [sneakily] It's a shame Abu had to miss this.
  • [pulls off Aladdin's turban] You are the boy from the market. I knew it! Why did you lie to me?
  • Did you think I was stupid?
  • That I wouldn't figure it out?
  • Who are you? Tell me the truth.
  • Why didn't you just tell me?
  • Hmm... Not that strange.
  • Oh, Father. I just had the most wonderful time. I'm so happy.
  • What?
  • Father, I choose Prince Ali!
  • [shocked gasp] Ali?
  • I know why you did.
  • Oh, that stupid law. This isn't fair. I love you.
  • Father...?
  • Him! I choose- I choose you, Aladdin.

Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar

  • You came back!
  • Rajah! You know better than to tear around the palace like that!
  • You! Get out of here!
  • Saved his life?
  • But he didn't have to lie to me.
  • They already left, Genie.
  • Wait! Without me, too. Aladdin needs to spend some quiet time with father to patch things up.
  • [to Iago] How could you double cross Aladdin after all he's done for you?
  • Aladdin!

Aladdin III: And The King of Thevies

  • [singing] There's a party here in Agrabah, and I can't believe it's true. / After all this waiting, here we are. We'll finally get to say, "I do".
  • I never ever had a real true friend.
  • [singing] We're finally getting married!
  • Together, forever.
  • [after knocking out one of the thieves] That was for ruining my wedding.
  • [offended] Genie!
  • I don't think so.
  • Uh, Genie...
  • [picks him up] Just take a deep breath, Iago. Now what about Aladdin's father?
  • He is your father. How can you do anything else?

TV Series

Disney's Aladdin: The Series

  • Arbutus, I'm not a flower you can keep in your garden. I need my family and friends.
  • It's not that simple.
  • We don't do that on purpose.
  • Slow death?
  • Arbutus, I... I think I understand.
  • We humans appreciate your creations. The beauty of a flower, the shade from a tree, the joy of planting a seed and watching it grow. We care.
  • Oh, Aladdin. I know you meant to do the right thing, but Arbutus was not a monster. He was just different.
  • He loved his garden the way you and Father love me.
  • Sometimes we only see how people are different from us. But if you look hard enough, you can see how much we're all alike.
  • No matter what the species, men are men.
  • It's showtime.
  • I always get my man.
  • I was raised a princess, Aladdin, and a princess knows the needs of the people outweigh her own.

House of Mouse

  • [Clarabelle] Looks like a cow.

Sofia the First

  • "Your amulet summoned me, Sofia. When a princess is in trouble it calls another princess to help."
  • "Ready to get outta here?"
  • "Then follow me!"
  • "I didn't rescue you, I just helped you rescue yourselves. Bye!"

Video Games

Disney INFINITY Series

  • "Why hello. I'm Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  • "I can see everything from here!"
  • "I never saw anything like this from the window at the palace."
  • "When I wished to leave the palace walls, I never imagined anything like this."
  • "So many choices... Let me think."
  • "I hope there's another adventure just over the horizon."
  • "What will my next adventure be I wonder?"
  • "I suppose I better see what else I can do."
  • "I don't want to waste a second of my time here."
  • "(Giggles) It's really true! I'm free to do anything I like."
  • "Hmmm... What should I do next?"
  • "I've missed you in the short time you've been gone."
  • "Hello there."
  • "I haven't seen Jafar here yet. Huh... another reason to like this place."
  • "Something tells me you can do magic, like the Genie."
  • "How fabulous."
  • "Do I have to call the guards?"
  • "Consider it royal prerogative."

Disney Magical World Seies

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Series

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Series

Kingdom Hearts Series

  • "Who’s there? Hello?"
  • "I’m Jasmine. My father is the sultan of Agrabah."
  • "You haven’t heard of him? He’s the royal vizier. He’s gained evil powers and seized Agrabah. He’s desperately looking for something—something he calls the ”Keyhole.” Jafar caught me trying to escape, but he helped me."
  • "I’m so sorry, Aladdin."
  • "Sora, please hurry! Darkness is pouring from the Keyhole."
  • "Can you feel the immense power flowing from the Keyhole?"
  • "But I can feel a powerful darkness growing somewhere far away."
  • "Sora! Donald! Goofy!"
  • "I never had the chance to thank you for before. You helped Aladdin defeat that awful Jafar and saved Agrabah."
  • "I'm not sure. Usually, he's the same cheerful Aladdin. But sometimes...he just seems sad. He leaves the palace and goes off by himself all the time. I've asked him about it, but he says nothing's wrong. He's gone again today. What if he doesn't come back this time?"
  • "Iago! Quick, Sora, catch him!"
  • "Oh, I think Iago's shown that he means well."
  • "Will you be back?"
  • "Just wait, Jafar! You'll get exactly what's coming to you!"
  • "My answer will never change, Jafar! I would rather die than marry you!"
  • "Jafar? It's absolutely infuriating..."
  • "Unfortunately, the royal vizier. And he's plotting something terrible, I just know it. But when I tried to warn the others in the palace, no one would believe me. Jafar is a respected man."
  • "I'm not sure. All these strange blocks appeared, and that was just the excuse Jafar needed to make his move. While everyone was distracted by the chaos, he tried to capture me."
  • "No. Not yet. By the way, how do you know Aladdin?"
  • "He's alive! Oh, that's wonderful!"
  • "Wonderful! I'll follow you."

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