A spinoff of the toy story cowgirl from Andy's toy collection,before Woody ever came.


Joan Cusak as Jessie (Hero)

NA as Bullseye (Hero)

Zach Tyler Eisen as Baby Potatohead (Villan)

Albert Brooks as Joe the Cowboy (Villan)

Kelsey Grammer as Stinky Pete (Hero)

Wallace Shawn as Rich Uncle Pennybags (Villan)


The movie starts out with a Woody's roundup commerical and a little girl buys a Jessie toy.Years on the other side of town Jessie is in a mail box opened up by a box that says ebay on it and Emily opens it up and gets her new Jessie toy.Years later Emily goes to collage and Jessie is stored in a box then a crying man named Al comes and gets Jessie.

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