Background information
Feature films My Zombie Bunny
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice January Jones
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Powderpuff (by Jasper)
Sweet Sally Peaches
Personality Bubbly, sassy, selfish (formerly), sweet, stubborn, fearless (currently), peaceful, easy-going
Appearance White rabbit, blue eyes
Occupation Pet
Alignment Good
Goal To become Pop-Tart's mate (failed)
To live in a normal world (succeeded)
To be with Jasper (succeeded)
Home Canada
Relatives Brenda (owner)
Jasper (mate)
Love Interests Jasper (current)
Pop-Tart (formerly)
Allies Jasper, Eggy, Pop-Tart, Brenda
Enemies Shinigami
Likes Romance, Jasper, being normal, making friends, Brenda
Dislikes Being bullied by Shinigami, being dead, Jasper's temper
Powers and abilities Resurrection
Disease Immunity
Body Part Substitution
Fate Restore to life and becomes Jasper's mate.
Quote "I'm dead."

Jinx is the main protagonist of My Zombie Bunny. She is a small chubby rabbit who just wishes for her life to be more normal and to be different. She is depicted as a noble and brave person.


  • Jane Levy was originally considered for the role of Jinx.
  • After a tree falls in a forest and kills her, her death is considered graphic and horrific while she was killed on-screen.
  • Jinx is the first protagonist to die on-screen.

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