John Morris (born October 2, 1984) is an American actor, voice actor, writer and producer who has voiced Andy Davis in the Toy Story trilogy. He also voiced Santa Boy in the 1993 Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas. He currently resides in Northern California. He graduated in 2007 from the University of California, Los Angeles's School of Theater, Film & Television.

When auditioning for the role of Andy he brought some of his X-Men action figures and made voices for them, the Pixar staff loved it and gave him the part.

Morris was brought back on to Toy Story 3 by the request of the director Lee Unkrich. Unkrich described the process by which he went to get Morris on the Toy Story 3 Blu-ray/DVD detailing how he called him to ask him to reprise his role of Andy (from the original Toy Story), and after hearing Morris' voicemail greeting, Unkrich knew immediately that Morris would again be playing Andy.

Disney Roles

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - Additional voices
  • Toy Story (1995) - Andy
  • Toy Story 2 (1999) - Andy
  • House of Mouse (2000) - Oliver
  • Toy Story 3 (2010) - Andy

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