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(Not my picture, please don't edit or steal) Joseph Fabito Rodriguez is a new character in the upcoming movie Big Hero 6: The Show Must Go On

Voice: Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil (both speaking and singing)

Portrayed by: Nat Wolff 

Inspiration: Levi from Attack on Titan, Guy from The Croods, Lewis and Wilbur from Meet the Robinsons, GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Tadashi Hamada, and Fred.

Alignment: neutral, later good

Appearance:  24 years old, very handsome, black hair similar to Hiro's and Levi's, tannish skin, brown eyes, black button up flannel shirt, skinny jeans, Lebron shoes.

Occupation:  Hannah's foster cousin, Honey's crush/boyfriend/future husband

Personality: respectful, deep, artistic, smart, tremendous appetite, makes his point around, hard working, hard headed (to his abusive foster parents), a little lazy, nervous (around Honey), quirky (also around Honey), knows how to get work done, understanding, ambitious, curious, fights for what's right

Likes: pizza, Mexican food, Honey Lemon, playing video games, graffiti, running from cops, doing things with the team, Slapjack, Romaine lettuce, steak, cockatoos.

Dislikes: losing his hair products, Hannah's ex boyfriend (formerly) bothering and trying to win back Hannah, Honey in distress, being abused by his foster parents

Weapons: He's created a freezer gun in the shape of a microphone and a razor sharp boomerang in the shape of headphones

Other names:

Brother from Another Mother (by Hannah and Hiro)

Sweets (by Honey Lemon)


"Leave. My cousin . Alone."

"I'm moving out!" (To his foster parents in the middle of the movie before he becomes homeless for a while).

"Uh Honey? *clears throat* Do you wanna.. G-go on a d-date sometime?" 

"I'd rather be living on the streets than around them," (To Hiro after he moves out when he asks him why he's on the streets).

"You just got microphreezed/headphoned!" (To the enemy during battle).


To win Honey's heart, defeat Gg, and get his band signed to their dream record label

Fate: Wins Honey's heart, defeats Gg, gets he and his band singed to their dream record label, comes home with a broken knee, gets adopted by the Mendoza family

  • Trivia: 
  • He and Honey get married 7 years after the event and have two kids
  • He's part Costa Rican and American
  • He lost his unnamed parents and sister due to a car accident when he was 15
  • He looks up to Kurt Cobain
  • His favorite book is An Imperial Affliction
  • He was born on January 7th 1994
  • He loves tacos
  • He studied a lot of plane geometry in high school
  • He has a tongue piercing and a tattoo on his torso that says "Don't hate the player, hate the game."
  • Fuentes also voices Joseph in the Spanish dub