The New Josie Update
Background information
Feature films Weird World

Weird World 2

Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Emma Bunton
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Sweet, shy, unconfident, nervous, stressful, ignorant, rough
Appearance Formerly: Orange head and body, purple arms and legs, leather jacket, black and grey dress with stars, reddish-pink belt, reddish pink tight pants, indigo socks, green and pink trainers, violet eyes, rose gold eye shadow, crocodile skull, pink hair

Currently: Same details and outfit but completely blue, blue sapphire on forehead

Affiliations Good
Home Rainbow City
Relatives Scooter (husband)
Love Interests
Allies George Jacqueline, Stephanie, Craig, Sponghuck, Tyler, Lennox, Scooter, Bash, Hank, Hikouki, Roger
Enemies King Axecutioner, Axebot, Hank (formerly), Hikouki (formerly), Roger (formerly)
Likes Scooter, playing pranks, teasing George
Dislikes Her friends in danger, being alone, danger, everyone picking on her
Powers and abilities
Weapons Pearl wrecking ball
Fate Now living in Rainbow City with the rest of the team.

Josie is a supporting character in the Disney film Weird World. She is voiced by Emma Bunton. 


  • In the episode The Wedding, she became a blue gem warrior with a sapphire in her forehead. This remained permenantly.
    • This would make her one of two Extraordinary Eleven members to go through a new form and stick with it permenantly. The other one to do so is Craig.
  • She is claustrophobic.
  • Her birthday is September 16th.

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