Josie and Bash
Season 2, Episode 4b
Air date April 3, 2020
Episode guide
"Who's That Man, Again?"
"Doggy Day Off"

Josie and Bash is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 32nd episode overall.


After she and Bash have a falling out, Josie tells the others how they become best friends. This episode also reveals how Bash lost his left eye.




For a full transcript of "Josie and Bash", click here.



  • It's revealed how Bash lost his left eye.
    • While he and Josie were running from Tick and Tock, Tock shot Bash in the eye with his airgun, in his attempt to save Josie.
  • It's shown that Josie and Bash were originally enemies.
  • It's revealed that Sponghuck didn't have his KitKat Gun until he built it in the mid-50s.
    • Until then, he only had his Red Skull Shield.

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