Journey To The Center Of The Solar System
8 planetspx
8 planets
Film information

Directed by

Ryan Miller & Catherine Franklin

Produced by

Stacie Hill

Written by

Joe Jepson Jr


Tom Kenny Whoopi Goldberg Tara Strong Will Ferrel Julie Andrews Liam Neeson

Music by

Rodger Nelson



Editing by

Lindsay Banks


Walt Disney Pictures Walt Disney Animation Studios

Distributed by

Stephen Williams

Release Date(s)

November 13th 2014

Running time

49 minutes





Gross Revenue


Preceded by


Followed by

Max The Million


Journey To The Center Of The Solar System is a 54th animated cgi film.


Christian Hall - Voiced by Tom Kenny

Kylie Cooper - Voiced by Tara Strong

Bill The Janitor - Voiced by Liam Neeson

Principal Gary Evans - Voiced by Will Ferrel

Queen Ultra Of Planet U - Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg

Mrs. Bullock - Voiced by Julie Andrews

King Alpha Of Planet U - Voiced By Alan Tyduk

Mr. Hall - Voiced By Eric Allan Krammar

Mrs. Hall - Voiced By Beth Littleford

Mrs. Cooper - Voiced by Susan Sarandon


Planet U is a home planet to the greenish alien people that was ruled by queen ultra of planet u and her husband king alpha of planet u. Planet U is not part of the solar system it's outside of the solar system where the greenish alien people are and live there.

Dereksville High School is a high school where all the sudents can go there to learn math, reading, social studies, science art, culinary, & even P.E. 

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