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Harshal Jain
Background information
Feature films Big Hero 6
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)
Caleb Haas (Quantico)
Clay Haas (Quantico)
Simon Asher (Quantico)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Harshal Noboru Jain
हर्षल नोबोरू जैन (Marathi)
Other names Kazuo Yamamura
山村一男 (Japanese)
Age 33 (during Big Hero 6)
35 (currently)
Birthday November 14th
Occupation Gang member (formerly)
Bot fighter (formerly)
Computer Engineer (formerly)
Hacker (currently)
Fugitive (currently)
Affiliations Mr. Yama (formerly)
Shabbir, Inc. (formerly)
Alignment Chaotic bad (formerly)
Chaotic good (currently)
Home San Fransokyo, CA (formerly)
Mumbai, India (currently)
Relatives Noboru Yamamura (father)
Vasanti Jain (mother)
Gautam Jain (maternal grand-uncle)
Love Interests
Allies Mr. Yama (formerly)
Natsumi Fujita (formerly)
The Fujitas (formerly)
Amrita Sarkar
Enemies Amrita Sarkar (formerly)
Vasanti Jain
Natsumi Fujita
Mr. Yama
The Fujitas
Powers and abilities
Fate Helps Trance to escape to Bangladesh and later leaves San Fransokyo for Mumbai to reconnect with his Indian heritage

I was so afraid of becoming weak and frail like my mother that I followed my father—the wrong person to place as your role model—down his path. I let my insecurities about myself turn into hatred-fueled rage. I was so ashamed of her cowardice, and that led me to try so hard to conceal a part of me. I just hope that I can learn to embrace myself now.
―Kazuo apologizing to Trance

Kazuo Yamamura (Japanese kanji: 山村一男, Yamamura Kazuo), born Harshal Jain (Marathi: हर्षल जैन; Japanese katakana: ジャイン・ハーシュル, Jain Hāshuru), is a supporting character in the Big Hero 6 universe and the former childhood arch-enemy of Trance. A son of the infamous crime boss Yama and mother Vasanti Jain, he was conceived through rape and is half-Japanese, half-Marathi. He previously worked as a computer and technological engineer for Krei Tech Industries' most heated competitor, Shabbir, Incorporated, before leaving the company. Formerly a prejudiced and troubled young man, he later aids in the escape of Amrita Sarkar.


Early Life

Born under the name Harshal Noboru Jain (Marathi: हर्षल नोबोरू जैन), Kazuo is a hāfu and the son of the infamous Japanese crime lord Noboru Yamamura (known simply as "Yama" or "Mr. Yama") and a Marathi Jain mother, Vasanti Jain. Vasanti was a foreign exchange student from Mumbai, India who had arrived in the United States as a child with her family for a better life. When a 16-year-old Vasanti humiliated the rowdy Yama in front of their entire class in high school—the intelligent Vasanti despised Yama's unruly behaviour—Noboru and his later-to-be gang members cornered Vasanti during a school dance, where Yama proceeded to assault Vasanti. Noboru and his friends quickly fled the scene, where Vasanti was found sobbing on the ground later. Vasanti was escorted home, where she was found to be pregnant by her enraged parents. Unfortunately, her parents, who were already supporting five other children, did not have enough money to afford an abortion. Nine months later, Vasanti's son, Harshal, was born.

Already with a child at a young age, Vasanti was forced to give up her career aspirations and future to care for Harshal. Because of her disgrace, her parents and siblings scorned her for the rest of her life, lowering her self-esteem even more. Progressively becoming mentally unstable, Vasanti showed an obvious hatred towards her baby for ruining her entire future, and she was caught trying to drown Harshal several times (no attempts were successful, however) by her father. During one of her psychotic episodes, she attempted to cut off Harshal's right ear with a kitchen knife, but was stopped just in time by her elder brother. Her assault did, however, leave the top of Harshal's ear grazed and cut off—a scar of which he still retains to this day.

When Vasanti proved not mentally stable enough to care for a child, Harshal was sent to live with Vasanti's uncle, Gautam, for several years. Vasanti began controlled psychiatric therapy with her parents closely monitoring her. Under the peaceful Gautam, Harshal was raised as a Jain and was taught Marathi before English (similar to Trance learning Bengali as her first language). Harshal was never told the reason behind his birth and why his real parents were absent from his life and therefore grew up resenting his grand-uncle's stern rules and restrictions.


  • Trance is the only non-member of his family who refers to him by his real name, Harshal, instead of Kazuo.
  • Though he was raised as a Jain, Harshal considers himself an atheist.
  • He is meant to be a parallel to Trance.
  • Harshal is fluent in Marathi, Japanese, and English.
  • His name follows the Marathi custom of a first name (Harshal), father's first name (Noboru), and a surname (Jain).[1] In this case, Harshal's father isn't Indian, so that component is Japanese.
  • The name Harshal (Marathi: हर्षल; Gujarati: હર્ષલ) means "happiness" in Sanskrit.[2]
  • Jain (Hindi, Marathi: जैन; Gujarati: જૈન) is a surname[3] that refers to a follower of Jainism, a religion found predominantly in India that teaches non-violence and peace[4].
  • Harshal once tried to apply for a position at Krei Tech, but was rejected.
  • Kazuo ( 一男, 和夫) is a Japanese name literally meaning "one man" or "peaceful man".[5]
  • Yamamura (山村) means "mountain village" in Japanese.[6]



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