Kermit Visits is a new episode of TMMABBA, written by Tad Stones. Anyone can make a edit to the transcript and voice acting and performing section!


Kermit: Dear Mickey, i have been having a good week off from The Muppet Show, and i have been working on a new Muppet movie, from Kermit.

P.S.You Rock!

(Title Card)

Pluto: Ugh, this bone STINKS like a rotten racoon, BUT IT'S STILL GOOD TO EAT! :)

Daffy: HEY! You took my stuff!

Donald: You STINKER!

Bugs: Calm down, let's go get a pizza.

Daffy: UGH! We always do this every day!

("Meanwhile" Time Card)

Goofy: These pizza slices are really good!

(A brick with a note taped to it with rainbow duck tape hits Daffy in the head)

Daffy: HEY! It's a letter from Kermit!

Mickey: OMG! A Letter!

Bugs: OMG! A Letter!

Kermit: OKAY! Well, i live next, DOOR TO MICKEY?

Robin: Uncle Kermit? We do live next door to Mickey and Bugs.

Kermit: OKAY! Let's go!


ScroogeMcDuck: I got a pizza with 100000000000000,76785643213547865475 cheese piles the size of the planet Jupiter!

Kermit: OMG!

Robin: OMG!

Voices and performers

Bert Iwan: Mickey

Tom Kenny: Rabbit

Steve Whitmire: Pete, Kermit

Bob Bergen: Bugs Bunny

Tony Anlsemo: Donald Duck

Jason Marden: Max

Frank Welker: Vaurious

Jim Cummings: Vaurious

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