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Kim Possible
an upcoming live-action feature film based on Kim Possible.The film stars as Lindsay Lohan as Kim (episode Zombies), Megan Fox as Shego (episode Zombies), Megan Fox as Kim (episode Evil Autobots).


Episode Zombies: Kim has to defend the heart against a zombie invasion; Drakken and Shego are the human villains, Kim uses a machete and a gun leg.

Episode Evil Autobots: Kim has to defend the heart against an alien specie of evil sentient robots; Senòr Senior Sr. and Senòr Senior Jr. are the human villains; Ron Stoppable fights alongside Kim.

In both episodes, Kim fights with an evil giant anthropomorphic tentacle monster (similar to the giant squid in the episode Oh Boyz) and defeats him in the same way


Episode "Zombies":

- Lindsay Lohan as Kim Possible

- Megan Fox as Shego

- Jim Carrey as Dr.Drakken

- Jeff Fahey as Dr.James Possible

- Alicia Rachel Merek as Dr. Ann Possible

- Steven Seagal as Steven Barkin

- Danny Trejo and Tom Savini as Zombie 1 and Zombie 2

and Dr. Block from "Planet Terror" as evil giant anthropomorphic tentacle monster.

Episode "Evil Autobots":

- Megan Fox as Kim Possible (see image)

- Shia LaBeouf as Ron Stoppable

- John Turturro as Dr.James Possible

- Carrie Genzel as Dr.Ann Possible

- Joe Pesci as Senòr Senior Sr.

- Nicolas Cage as Autobot No1 (voice)

- Paolo Malco, Andrea Occhipinti (uncredited) in cameos.

and Bobby Peru from Wild at Heart or Wulfgar from Nighthawks as evil giant anthropomorphic tentacle monster.

In both version, Mike Meyers is Wade (mature version). Cameo of director Sam Raimi

Written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen (cowriter Dardano Sacchetti).

Special Thanks to Lucio Fulci.


- The Shining (opening titles)

Episode Zombies:

- Planet Terror

- Machete

- Dawn of the Dead

Episode Evil Autobots:

- Nighthawks

- Wild at Heart

- Twin Peaks ( One of the Autobots is a robotic Leland Palmer)

- Deep Red (one of the Autobots is the creepy puppet)

- Carrie
Megan fox black top tan freckl

- Spoofs 2:

- Zombi 2;

- Il gatto a nove code;

- Paura nella città dei morti viventi (Peter Bell's death);

- E tu vivrai nel terrore....l'aldilà (blind girl's death);

- Sette note in nero;

- La polizia è sconfitta (barman's death);

- Il cinico, l'infame, il violento (characters of Cinese and John Saxon);

- Quella villa accanto al cimitero (babysitter's death);


- La casa con la scala nel buio (Giovanni's death);

- Morirai a mezzanotte (Monica's death);

- Manhattan Baby;

- I guerrieri dell'anno 2072.

- Features;

- Massive Attack video, Karmacoma;

- Massive Attack- Teardrop (Prowler version); video.

Two images of an alternative version of WulfgarfromNighthawks, the giant tentacle monster (tickled by Kim Possible/ Megan Fox into submission)


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