Kim, Rufus and Ron's artwork for the game

Kim Possible vs. Worldwide Evil Empire is a game for the Nintendo DS and Wii.It fetures Disney cameos from the following shows:


  • Emporer's New School   -Zim,Zam,Yzma,Kuzco and Kronk
  • Fillmore! -Fillmore,Ingrid and Valejo
  • The Replacements -Todd,Riley,Mr.Fleem,The "Fleem Bros.",Dick Daring,K Daring,Prince Cinnamon Boots and Car
  • Mickey Mouse Works - Donald Duck


  • Kim Possible
  • Hair-Dryer Grappler
  • Battlesuit
  • Kimmunicator (Hint Machine)
  • Ron Stoppable
  • Rufus
  • Ronnumicator (Hint Machine)
  • Ron's Scooter
  • Way of the Monkey
  • Hana Stoppable (Only playable on levels 1,3,4,6,9 and 11)
  • Super Dance
  • Rufus Toy
  • Walkie Talkie (Hint Machine)
  • Super Shoes
  • Zita Flores (Only playable during boss battles)
  • Everlot Transport
  • Cheat Book (Hint Machine)
  • Sword
  • Yori (Only Playable on levels 2,5,7,8,10 and 12)
  • Lotus Blade
  • Ninja Dart
  • Sensei Chat (Hint Machine)

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