King Ogurien
Background information
Feature films The Sword in the Stone II: The Mystic Isle
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International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Ogyruan from Welsh mythology
The Fisher King from Arthurian legends
The Fomorians from Celtic mythology
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Character information
Full name Ogurien of Avalon
Other names
Personality Benevolent, loyal, gentle
Appearance Fifteen feet tall, thin and sickly, wild red hair, thick beard
Occupation Late king of Avalon isle
Goal To pick a new ruler for Avalon
Home Avalon castle
Relatives Queen of Avalon (wife; deceased)
Princess Guinevere (daughter)
Love Interests
Allies Nurse Vivienne
Arthur Pendragon
Minions Spirits of Avalon
Enemies Madame Mim
The Green Knight
Likes His family, peace on Avalon
Dislikes His daughter in danger
Powers and abilities Control over Avalon's forces, changing his size
Fate Says goodbye to Guinevere and passes on with his wife

King Ogurien is the former king of Avalon isle and the late father of Princess Guinevere.


Ogurien is a fay descended from the legendary Fomorians, a semi-divine race of giants who guided the forces of nature in ancient times. At an unknown time, he became ruler of Avalon isle, married a Norman woman, and sired Guinevere. Ogurien's screentime is brief, so most of his personality is underdeveloped, but he seems to have been a benevolent king, much beloved by his subjects.

A hundred years ago, when Avalon was at peace, Ogurien was a rugged yet handsome giant standing at fifteen feet tall. He had green eyes, and bright red, wild hair and a thick beard, both of which were braided. He wears what appears to be a kilt made out of vines and leaves. After a century of watching over the ravaged Avalon, Ogurien became sickly pale and bony, his hair grayed, his eyes became dark, except for his glowing pupils, and his clothes darkened, as though their organic material had started to rot.


The Sword in the Stone II: The Mystic Isle