King of the Elves is a 2017 hand-drawn animated film directed by Chris Buck and written by Phil Johnston. The film is loosly based on the short story by Phillip K. Dick. The film is the 59th film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and the 11th film in The Disney Revival.


For years, there has been a war between the Elves and the Trolls. When the king of the trolls kills the king of the elves, his immature son must become king and lead the elf armies. However, when an immature young man named Joesph accidentally destroys the home of the Trolls, he's immediately crowned king. Now, when the trolls want revenge, the two must learn to finally grow up and defeat them.



  • Grant Gustin as Joseph Richards
  • Ashley Johnson as Tina Agsen; Joseph's love interest
  • John Goodman as Phillip Richards; Joesph's fahter
  • Tress McNeille as Katherine Richards; Joesph's mother


  • Micheal Cera as Ren; the son of Vanhal
  • Mae Whitman as Hathel; Ren's love interest
  • Peter Cullen as Vanhal; the late king of the elves
  • Jim Cummings as Tycu; the wise assistiant to the king


  • Clancy Brown as Rirfo; the main antagonist
  • Karen Gillan as Ladra; Rirfo's daughter
  • Fred Tatasciroe as Songen; a troll disguised as an elf

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