Kingdom Hearts: Gæt of Time is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. The game's a spin-off of the best-selling Kingdom Hearts series. Instead of focusing on characters like Sora, Mickey and others, this installment focuses on the point-of-view of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, as he, along with Ortensia, Darkwing Duck & Andre, discover a keyblade known as the Grip of Time. This mysterious object opens a portal (A Timegate if you will) that sucks in our four heroes back in time. They eventually travel through worlds and even time itself so they can get back to where and when they came from, meet other characters via cameos and battle enemies like the Unversed, the Heartless & the Nobodies, while being pursued by a mysteriously hooded & masked man known as Kasai. By learning about the worlds of Kingdom Hearts, our four heroes learn something about themselves too...


0: Prologue/Wasteland (Set after Epic Mickey 2 and before our heroes get sent through time) I: The Keyblade War II: Birth by Sleep III: (Set between Birth by Sleep & Kingdom Hearts 1) IV: (Set during Kingdom Hearts 1) V: Chain of Memouries (Set during CoM and the first half of 358/2 Days) VI: (Set during second half of 358/2 Days and Sora's one-year sleep) VII: (Set during Kingdom Hearts II) VIII: Dream Drop Distance IX: (Set during Kingdom Hearts III) X: Epilogue (The Point when our four heroes eventually return to the time they came from)

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