Taking place after Dream Drop Distance Sora Donald and Goofy embark on a New Adventure and this time they're searching for the Seven Guardians of Light while King Mickey Riku go off and find a Way to rescue Aqua and search for the Previous Keyblade Wielders. But Master Xehanort has wants to spark another Keyblade War against the 7 Guardians of Light and his 13 Darknesses will Sora put an end to Him or will Xehanort succeed the War?

Game System Availability

Playstation 4


Nintendo Switch(?)

Release Date

Japan: TBA


Worldwide: TBA

Main Characters

Sora(Haley Joel Osment)

Donald Duck(Tony Anselmo)

Goofy(Bill Farmer)

Riku(David Gallagher)

King Mickey(Bret Iwan)

Kairi(Hayden Panettiere)

Lea(Quinton Flynn)

Aqua(Willa Holland)

Ventus(Jesse Mccartney)

Terra(Jason Dohring)

Roxas(Jesse Mccartney)

Namine(Meghan Martin)

Yen Sid(Corey Burton)

New and Returning Worlds

Mount Olympus(Hercules)(This will be the First World where Sora, Donald and Goofy will go first)

The Kingdom of Corona(Tangled)

San Fransokyo Town(Big Hero 6)(This world will take place after the Events of the First Big Hero 6 Movie)


The World of Arcade(Wreck it Ralph)

The Bare Jungle(The Jungle Book)

The Lost Empire(Atlantis the Lost Empire)

Treasure Planet(Treasure Planet)

The Surfing Islands(Lilo and Stitch)

Spirit Mountain(Brother Bear)

The New World(Pocahontas)

Beast's Castle

Agrabah(Aladdin and the King of Thieves)

Castle of Dreams(Cinderella)

Keyblade Graveyard(Takes place for the Final Battle)

The Louisana Bayou(The Princess and the Frog)

Radiant Garden

The Land of Toys(Toy Story)

The Town of Metroville(The Incredibles)

South America Falls(Up)

Destiny Island

The Sherwood Forest(Robin Hood)

Todayland(Meet the Robinsons)(As long as it's okay)

The City of Monsters(Monsters Inc)


Port Royal(Pirates of the Caribbean II and III)

The Polynesian Islands(Moana)

The Dinoland(Dinosaur)

The Emperor's Kingdom(The Emperor's New Groove)

The Island of the Ants(A Bug's Life)

Neverland(Return to Neverland)

Party Members

Hercules(Tate Donovan)

Rapunzel(Mandy Moore)

Baymax(Scott Adist)

Anna(Kristen Bell)

Wreck It Ralph(Brian T Delaney)

Baloo(Joel Mccrary)

Milo Thatch(James Arnold Taylor)

Jim Hawkins(Joseph Gordon Lovett)

Stitch(Chris Sanders)

Kenai(Reed Rudy)

Pocahontas(Judy Khun)

Tiana(Anika Noni Rose)

Robin Hood(Maurice Lamarche)

Woody or Buzz(Jim Hanks) or (Stephen Stanton)

Mr Incredible(Craig T Nelson)

Carl Fredricksen(Edward Asner)

Wilbur Robinson(Wesley Singerman)

Sulley(Joel Mccrary)

Moana(Auli'i Cravalho)

Judy Hopps(Ginnifer Goodwin)

Aladar(DB Sweeney)

Flik(Dave Foley)

Beast(Robby Benson)

Aladdin(Scott Weinger)

Cinderella(Jennifer Hale)

Jack Sparrow(James Arnold Taylor)

Any Marvel Character(For Radiant Garden)

Any Star Wars Characters(For Radiant Garden)

Any Disney Tv Animation Character(For Radiant Garden)

Main Villains

13 Seekers of Darkness

Master Xehanort(???)

Xigbar(James Patrick Stuart)

Xemnas(Paul St Peter)

Saix(Kirk Thornton)

Young Xehanort(Benjamin Diskin)

Ansem Seeker of Darkness(Richard Epcar)

Terra Xehanort(Richard Epcar)

Vanitas(Haley Joel Osment)

Riku Replica(David Gallagher)

Roxas(Jesse Mccartney)

Xion(Alyson Stoner)

Eraqus(Mark Hamil)

Disney Villains

Maleficent(Susanne Blakeslee)

Hades(James Woods)

Captain Hook(Corey Burton)

Pete(Jim Cummings)


Hans(Santino Fontana)

Mother Gothel(Donna Murphy)

Dark Baymax

Sa'luk(James Remar)

Stabbington Brothers(Ron Perlman and John Dimaggio)

Gantu(Kevin Michael Richardson)

Dr Facilier(Keith David)

Lotso-O-Huggin Bear(Ned Beatty)

Lady Tremaine(Susanne Blakeslee)

Davy Jones(Bill Nighy)

Scroop(Jim Cummings)

Dawn Bellwether(Jenny Slate)

Te Ka(She'll be a boss Fight till she turns back into Te Fiti)

Shere Khan(Corey Burton)

Prince John(Kevin Michael Richardson)

Loki(Troy Baker)

Kylo Ren(Adam Driver)

Syndrome(Jason Lee)

Mr Waternoose(Kelsey Grammer)

Randall Boggs(JP Manoux)

Governer Ratcliffe(David Ogden Stiers)

Commander Rourke(Tim Curry)

Charles Muntz(Christopher Plummer)

Hopper(Kevin Spacey)

King Candy(Alan Tudyk)

Kron(Samuel E Wright)

Yzma(Candi Milo)

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