TMNT2K3 S01E16
Kirby King
Background information
Feature films
Television programs TMNT
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Mike Pollock
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Kirby King
Other names The King
Occupation Artist
Fantasy Warrior
Alignment Good
Relatives Unnamed wife (presumably deceased), Donatello King (son)
Love Interests
Allies Donatello, Ash Ketchum, Dan Kusco, Yugi Muto, Jason Canmore, Cassim, Alice Gehabich, Melody, Kisara, Dingo, Alex O'Connel
Enemies the Black Marauder, Shredder
Likes Drawing, hanging out with friends
Dislikes the Black Marauder using his pencil for evil intentions, his son in danger
Powers and abilities Drawing, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Weapons magic crystal and pencil
Fate Returns on world with his son

Kirby is an artist who found a magic crystal that could bring whatever he drew to life. He is a homage to the legendary comic book artist Jack "The King" Kirby.


Kirby first appears in the episode The King. His role is highly similar to that of his comics counterpart. In this world, Kirby found an odd-looking gem in a coal pile and attached it to his pencil. After doing this, everything he drew came to life temporarily, except a portal-like device. When Donatello found Kirby when helping his brother Raphael turn the water temperature hotter, they went through the portal, and found that everything he had drawn since putting the crystal on the pencil had become a world. The villains he had drawn were overrunning a city, and Donatello and Kirby managed to defeat all the villains. There was only enough time for one of them to get back through the portal, and Kirby forced Donatello back through the portal. Kirby had enough time to send a note to Donatello through the portal, however.

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