Krunklionine "Krunkle" Krush is one of the main characters in Pocket Parasite.


Krunkle has brown skin and a slender figure. She is often described attractive and sweet.

During Season 1, she had green large pigtails. She wore pink eyeshadows. She wears a pink strapless top, hot pink tights/pants along with white heals.

In Season 2, she had longer hair and currently wears red lipstick. Krunkle wears her strapless top along with a white jacket with a black tight/skirt and white heals.



Because he is a parasite, Krunkle finds Pinky disturbingly disgusting. Pinky has a massive crush on Krunkle, but she never returns the feelings. Krunkle often describes Pinky as "rude, gross and totally annoying".

  • In "Krush Feelings", when Pinky first met Krunkle he falls in love with her.
  • In "Truth Or Site", when Pinky sees Krunkle passing by, he gets nervous and says "K-K-K-K...!" Suddenly, he drools and faints.
  • In "Rumors Of Terror", he tries to ruin Krunkle's date with Roach by humiliating him. In the end, Krunkle returns his feelings by saying, "You're kinda ugly-cute for a creature."


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