Kuzford University: The Emperor's New School 2 is an upcoming spin-off of The Emperor's New School.

Kuzco has graduated and is now emperor, meanwhile, his friend Malina has been accepted into Kuzford University.

Jelous of Malina's new show, Kuzco plans to get her show cancelled, so he can become popular again.

The show will premiere on Disney Channel, January 4, 2013, and on Disney XD, January 11, 2013.

Cast and Characters:

Jessica DiCicco as Malina

J.P. Maneux as Kuzco

Patrick Warburton as Kronk

John Goodman as Pacha

Wendie Malick as Chicha

Jessie Flower as Chaca

Shane Baumel as Tipo

Billy West as Huaca

Kristen Bell as Paititi

Tress Macneille as Nina

Hank Azaria as Apichu

Abigail Breslin as Tina

Miley Cyrrus as Yatta

Gariel Iglesias as Guaca

In addition to the returing characters, Huaca, the college librarian, and Paititi, the blondheaded rival of Malina, are new characters for the series. Malina's parents and sister have larger roles in the show, then it's predecessor.

Running Gags

Most of the running gags are slight variations on those used in the original show, and film.

However, two new running gags will be added as well.

In every episode, Malina is able to figure out Kuzco's "evil" plan before he completes it.

In each episode, Kuzco will question as to where Yzma is, and a flashback will reveal Yzma, on vacation in a different location, each episode.

Like the original was narrated by Kuzco, this show will be narrated by Malina, and have "Malina's Doodles" segments in most episodes.

Disney, feel free to steal this idea. if you even ever read this. seriously, I wouldn't mind. please. I'm begging you!

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