These are Quotes and Lines said by Lady from Disney's classic Lady and the Tramp.


Lady and the Tramp

  • They were?
  • Before what?
  • [Gasp] No!
  • Oh, no, Jock. It's something I've done, I guess.
  • It must be. Jim Dear and Darling are acting so-
  • Well, I first noticed it the other day when Jim Dear came home.
  • Bairn?
  • What's a... baby?
  • Oh, dear!
  • What is a baby? I just can't understand. It must be something wonderful. It must be something grand. 'Cause everybody's smiling, in a kind and wistful way, and they haven't even noticed that I'm around today. [Jim Dear comes down the stairs whistling, doesn't notice her] What is a baby, anyway? Oh what is a baby? I must find out today, what makes Jim Dear and Darling... act... this... way...
  • The zoo?
  • Oh!
  • We can't go in.
  • Well, the sign says...
  • Angle?
  • They wouldn't?
  • It's off!
  • Uh-huh. It's a free sample.
  • ...But when she put that horrible muzzle on me...
  • Haven't you a family?
  • Help me? What do you mean?
  • Monday home?
  • Of a Tuesday?
  • Oh! Oh, dear!
  • "This-a one"?
  • It's morning.
  • I should have been home hours ago.
  • Open my eyes?
  • Well, I see nice homes, with yards and fences...
  • It sound wonderful.
  • But who'd watch over the baby?
  • Where is he taking him?
  • You... you mean he's...? [Toughy nods sadly]
  • I should say not!
  • But we shouldn't.
  • You're both very kind, and I do appreciate it, but-
  • Hmph!
  • That won't be necessary. Thank you.
  • Hmph!
  • Hmph!
  • Oh! Don't even mention that horrible place. I was so embarrassed and, and frightened. [starts crying]
  • Trick? Trick! That reminds me.[thunderclap] Who is Trixie?
  • And Lulu? And Fifi? And Rosita Chiquita w-w-whatever her name is?
  • As far as I'm concerned, you needn't worry about your old heel.
  • I don't need you to shelter and protect me.
  • If you grow careless, don't blame me. And I don't care if the Cossacks do pick you up. Goodbye! And take this with you! [tosses back the bone Tramp gave her]

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

  • Oh, Tramp. He's never been chained up before. He's just a pup.
  • [laughs once, softly] You turned out pretty good.
  • Maybe he needs to understand today.
  • [coming out to tell Scamp some good news not knowing he's gone] Scamp I- Scamp?! Oh no! [She starts hyperventiating] Tramp!
  • [To Tramp, worried about Scamp] Oh, Tramp, Scamp's never been out all night so much could happen.
  • Oh, we'll find him. You were the best street dog there ever was. And I still have faith in the old Tramp.

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