Lambert The Sheepish Lion The Movie (also known as Wild Tales) is a 2014 American animated musical film created by Walt Disney Studios.


Tarry Toucan hosts the segments.


Music by Ludwig van Beethoven. This segment shows life is formed many years ago.

How the Leopard got her Spots

Featuring Timon, Pumbaa, and Goofy. This segment based on Rudyard Kipling's Just so Stories. It tells why leopards have spots.

The Fox and the Crow

This segment based on Aesop's Fables. It tells a Fox once saw a Crow with a peice of cheese on his beak.

The Ballad of a Porcupine

This segment shows how Porcupine's quills came from.


This segment about a cat, Lorenzo, who is "dismayed to discover that his tail has developed a personality of its own."

The Bremen Town Musicians

This segments tells a tale about a donkey, a border collie, a maine coon, and a rooster who wanted to go to Bremen to live without owners.

Lambert The Sheepish Lion

This segment about a lion, Lambert, who raised by sheep and he saved his mother from a wolf.


The final segment of the film. This segment based on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Books. It tells a young mongoose named Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (for his chattering vocalizations) after his adoption into a British family residing in a bungalow in India, both as a pet and as protection against venomous snakes.


  • Tarry Toucan - Roy Rogers
  • Timon, Narrator (How the Leopard got Her Spots) - Nathan Lane
  • Pumbaa - Ernie Sabella
  • Goofy - Bill Farmer
  • Narrator (Lambert The Sheepish Lion), Stork - Sterling Holloway

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