League of Dwarfs
League of Dwarfs
Genre Action, humor, fantasy
Format Animated Television series
Created by StormieCreater
Directed by Dave Wasson
Creative director
Voices of Frank Welker, Greg Cipes, Carlos Alazraqui, Michael Cena, Tori Kelly
Opening theme
Number of seasons 4
Number of episodes 23 (in each season)

92 (in total)

Executive producer(s)
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Disney Television Animation
Original channel Disney XD
Picture format
Audio format
Original run August 10th, 2019 – present
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League of Dwarfs is an American fantasy humor television series produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney XD.


Four dwarfs, Eli, Ivan, Sven, and Chet, are part of a fighting alliance for Queen Gertruda of Freyda. Together, with the help of the village water girl, Daleena, and their biggest fan, Persephone, they fight off monsters sent by sorcerer, Igor, to protect the kingdom and village.



Eli (Frank Welker), the leader of the dwarf alliance and father figure to Ivan, Sven, and Chet.

Ivan (Carlos Alazraqui), a dwarf alliance fighter who had a horrible past and chose to join the alliance to gain back what he lost.

Sven (Michael Cena), a dwarf alliance fighter with a big heart and a taste for fashion.

Chet (Greg Cipes), the youngest of the dwarf alliance and novice fighter.

Daleena (Tori Kelly), the village water girl with a huge crush on Sven, who greatly returns the feelings.

Supporting Cast

Persephone (Tara Strong), a big fan of the dwarf alliance.

Gertruda (Grey Griffin), the queen of Freyda

Poet (Matthew McConaughey), one of Persephone's older brothers with a skill in music and poetry.

Daubler (Seth Green), one of Persephone's older brothers who has a passion for art and a serious case of depression.

Brunette (Tress MacNeille), An attractive, voluptuous dwarf and almost every dwarf's love interest. Despite her name being Brunette, her hair is blonde.

Dashiell (Rob Paulson), the French baker of the village.

Gadget (Michael Adamthwaithe), the village mechanic.


Igor (Fred Tatasciore), a sorcerer who sends dark-like monsters to destroy the kingdom.

Nicki (Zelda Williams), Igor's beautiful but bad assistant

Bub (John DiMaggio), one of Igor's minions who's dim witted.

Nex (Kevin Michael Richardson), one of Igor's demon minions, more serious and scary than the others.


The show was rated TV-Y7 for action and mild rude humor.


List of League of Dwarfs Episodes

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