Walt Disney Pictures present

The Legend of the Swan.


Oddette (Jessica Alba) dreams of becoming the best Ballett Dancer like her late mother, Prince David (Michael Weatherly) is an uncertain Prince who doesn't know how to find the right girl. Until they met each other in Russia, grave robbers (Dee Bradley Baker, and Troy Baker) released the evil entity known as Rothbart (George Clooney), he find Odette the one whom was a descendent of Oddette, he turns her into a swan, now its up to three circus animals to help her change her back, Ivan the Wolf (Chris Rock), Lars the Orangutan (Anthony LaPaglia), and Grigori the Bear (Jack Black) to help Oddette regain her humanity and have the adventure of a lifetime!


What a Dream - Oddette

Who would be for me - David

Don't worry about it - Lars, Ivan, and Grigori

Can you Feel the Night Tonight - Oddette and David

Time of Darkness - Rothbart

Fools you all - Rothbart and Fergy

I have finally found Love - David and Oddette.

Can you Feel the Night Tonight - Idina Menzel and Jesse McCartney


Jessica Alba - Oddette

Michael Weatherly - David

George Clooney - Rothbart/Shadow Beast!

Grant Moninger - Oddette's father Kirk

Reba MacEntire - Queen Sasha, David's mother

Chris Rock - Ivan

Jack Black - Grigori

Anthony LaPaglia - Lars

Ashley Johnson - Fergy/Fake Odette

Greg Cipes - Regy

Ciaran Hindes - The Wise One

Frank Langella - Czar Dmetri, David's father.

Troy Baker - Grave Robber 1.

Dee Bradley Baker - Grave Robber 2.

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